Budget Baloney

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If Barack Obama gets reelected, he will face two Republican Houses. Thus his budget plan has no hope of ever being put to the vote. “It’s all about election year 2012, not fiscal year 2013,” writes CNN’s Alan Silverleib, about Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget.

Obama’s plan hikes taxes on the wealthiest Americans to the tune of roughly $1.5 trillion. It ends the Bush-era tax cuts for families making over $250,000 annually while enacting the so-called Buffett Rule, requiring households earning more than $1 million to pay at least a 30% rate. …
The administration is proposing to spend billions on infrastructure, education and domestic manufacturing. Among other things, Obama’s budget includes $30 billion to modernize schools, along with another $30 billion to hire and retain teachers and first responders….
It also includes an extension of long-term unemployment benefits and the current payroll tax cut, something Congress is expected to take up this month.
“Congress needs to pass an extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance without drama and without delay and without linking it to some other ideological side issues,” Obama declared Monday morning. “The time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy has to be over. Now is the time for action.”
Now is not the time, however, for new details on deficit reduction.


More details from Larry Kudlow. Veronique de Rugy has her say at National Review too.

3 thoughts on “Budget Baloney

  1. james huggins

    Obama is trying to sink the country because if we go down the tubes the Democrat left is all set to take over completely. The impotent and stupid Republicans are worrying about committee chairmanships and business as usual while the Democrats are maneuvering to take over completely. This budget is a smoke screen and nothing else. It is designed for Obama and the Democrats to beat the Republicans over the head as “obstructionists” and the Republicans are too dumb/timid to effectively fight back.

  2. Dennis

    James, I believe you have it perfectly.
    Remember in history class that the Bundestag wasn’t blown-up by the Communists…it was the guy with the funny ‘stache who had arranged that action. This time, it appears to be the guy with the funny ears!

    It’s the money game being played:



  3. Dennis

    NO…This LINK is NOT about Fox News, the company that commissioned the article. It is about AYN RAND and ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Please read.


    The misunderstanding of Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, and, in general, libertarian and objectivist philosophies is blatantly displayed by people like Rove, Morris, Debate Hosts, and especially GOP Candidates other than Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. The economic realities of the current system are about to smash us between the eyes. Prepare.

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