Carry On Carrie Symonds: Conservation Is Conservative

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“Conservation is conservative.”—ilana mercer.

AND conservation should not be conflated with “green politics,” but, rather, with good old ethics.

I refer to the attacks from that angle on Carrie Symonds, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiance.

Ms. Symonds is being piled on for going against the slaughter of badgers. What a ghastly woman she must be to protest the gratuitous culling of badgers!!! Please! How do conservatives come across when they object to conserving badgers, who are critters worthier and more delightful than any Black Lives Matter hooligan?

And, OMG! Symonds has also been caught out by conservatives in accusing (the hypocritical) “Deep Tech” of wasteful excess in packaging and shipping products.

The last is absolutely true. Order a lipstick via Amazon, the so-called custodians of all things environmentally pristine—and you’ll find the tiny object packed in a shipping crate, nestling in layers of plastic, all destined to wind up in landfills and waterways.

Her ardent defense of animal rights was reported to have contributed to the government’s decision to halt a cull of badgers in Derbyshire, which contradicted the advice of scientists and veterinarians.

..“Since having Wilf & not being able to get to the shops during lockdown,” she posted four months later, “I’ve relied on Amazon for lots of baby essentials, but I’ve been dismayed at the amount of plastic packaging. Please sign this petition to ask Amazon to give us plastic-free options too.”

New-generation conservatives are not necessarily on board with the old school’s fill-the- oceans-with-plastics and kill-everything-that-moves gang.

Carry on Carrie Symonds: Conservation is conservative.

3 thoughts on “Carry On Carrie Symonds: Conservation Is Conservative

  1. Ann

    Thank you for this. The hypocrisy of the Left defies description.

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Ann: As I read this, it was the lady’s party that was pissed off with her—the conservatives. I don’t believe the British Left was that upset with Carrie Symonds for being for the badgers and against plastic pollution. What am I missing? Explain.

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