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A relative of the monsters who tortured a racoon to death said about this untold cruelty to a helpless critter: “Only white peoples worry about this” [animal cruelty]. Via BitChute.

There is truth in this. CONSERVATION IS CAUCASIAN. Wild life dies without white men and women.

Recommended is a site called Africa Unauthorized.

This is what US rivers will look like once America is “transformed.” Most other cultures have no concept of conservation. Woe betide the wild life.

And who but honkies would rush to the rescue:

Bear farming:

* Image courtesy “Hannes Wessels”

UPDATE (8/26/020):

Oops, I forgot; Republicans want the 3rd world to be fruitful and to multiply.

… With Europeans on the ropes the future for wildlife and the natural environment in Africa has probably never looked so bleak. As far as the continent is concerned we live in a world that has allowed the human population to multiply without control and all other forms of life simply suffer the consequences…
… Thanks to the efforts of donors like Bono, Bob Geldhof, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and the flow of Western aid, population growth is logarithmic and unsustainable without international intervention and support. No mention is made of ‘planned parenthood’ or ‘family planning’ anymore because that might be considered ‘racist’, aimed at reducing the number of Africans and other peoples in in the Third World. …

READ: “For Wildlife and White Men the end maybe nigh.”



  1. Dan Patterson

    Simply and beautifully stated. I especially liked the response to the hectoring about Japan.
    Cheers. Love you mean it.

  2. Wendy Gaskins

    “Republicans want the 3rd world to be fruitful and to multiply.”

    That ultimately comes from a literalist interpretation of the Bible. My former pastor preached during a sermon that the only people who care about environmental conservation are the ones who are going to be left behind after the rapture.

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