Conservative Cretinism



There’s a reservoirs of piss-poor conservative commentary on the Internet. (People lap it up.) Trust Lawrence Auster to point out what few others do: “So much of the conservative part of the Web is unintelligent, incoherent partisan trash. Mondo Frazier’s article at Big Journalism about the Gore sex assault charge is an example. I saw it because it is listed in the ‘must-reads’ at”

Andrew Breitbart’s “Big this; big that,” ever-mutating websites exemplify what Auster terms “low-grade conservative media.”

6 thoughts on “Conservative Cretinism

  1. Mike Marks

    I assume that the “low grade conservative media” (Auster) refers to the fact that it (conservative media) is so easily distracted by things lacking real substance. I suppose you could say it’s similar to the way a Lab would react to a squirrel!

  2. Greg

    Most of the “conservative” websites I have looked at are completely neocon. Not much worthwhile there. That is why your blog is so refreshing. Your blog is the first thing I look at on the internet when I get home from work.

  3. Mike O.

    There’s a reservoirs of piss-poor everything on the internet. What’s your point?

    [So, by this reasoning, because there is a lot of bad writing out there, in general, we should not discuss how awful, in particular, popular conservative punditry is. Some logic!]

  4. green mamba

    I have no interest in reading this article, but thanks for pointing out the idiocy of how Breitbart names his blogs. Big This, Big That indeed – collectively they should be called Big Dumb Neocon Populism.

  5. Myron Pauli

    What IS “conservatism” and what is it conserving? Certainly not the 13 republics dedicated to human rights that departed from the Global Empire of 1776. Instead, we have one MegaState which uses states as administrative adjuncts which exercises the authority to: search houses for marijuana plants, tell us what toilets to buy, control the our food content, instruct children about sex/abstinence, make medical decisions for us, decide how/when we retire.. Is that what our conservatives are conserving? Is it the empire that sends troops overseas exporting democracy? Not only was this the Compassionate Conservatism of Bush but also the Maverick Conservatism of McCain/Palin. The Republican Party, the political embodiment of this so-called conservatism, poisons anything it finds (the so-called Tea Party) into intellectual cretinism. How can conservatism not be cretinism?

    Republican “conservatives” constitute a coalition of power hungry people opposed to rival secular statists known as “Democrats” or “liberals”. Since the ideological differences between the two versions of the Corporate Global State are miniscule, it is necessary to focus on “gotcha” scandals like Rostenkowski and the Post Office, Blagojevich and the Senate seat, Larry Craig and the bathroom toe tapping, and other trivialities to keep Fox and MSNBC in business.

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