Don’t Be A Pollyanna: The COVID Booster Racket Is Here To Stay, For Now

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It doesn’t work: The COVID booster doesn’t stop the boosted from catching and transmitting Covid-19.  The booster may stop serious disease and hospitalization for some months, but then, an already overburdened immune system must be boosted again, if alleged protection against death and hospitalization is to last. And maybe not. There are no guarantees even of this promise. The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) head of vaccines strategy has sounded something as close to a warning as one can hope: “repeated vaccinations within short intervals will not represent a sustainable long term strategy.”

Logically, these frequent vaccine boosts could damage the immune system. Circuitously, and by hedging their words—the medicrats admit as much:

The World Health Organization cautions that, while “protection against severe disease is more likely to be preserved, more data on vaccine effectiveness, particularly against hospitalization, severe disease, and death are needed.”

In other words, they just don’t know.

On the basis of the above consensus, veteran Covid-19 commentators on the Right have heralded a victory against the futile coercive vaccine and booster mandates that are largely ineffective and unnecessary for the broad, relatively healthy population.

“It’s over, people. Aside from a few unlucky Israelis, no one is going to receive a fourth dose of the original vaccine; everyone with eyes can see it doesn’t work against Omicron.”

So says Alex Berenson:

Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too.

WHO released a statement about Covid vaccines yesterday. It’s filled with the usual public health jargon and ass-covering, but one line stands out:

a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.

It’s over, people. …

Instead the WHO is now promising/demanding vaccines based on whatever the dominant Sars-Cov-2 strain is at the moment.

That promise is as empty as all the others the health bureaucrats and vaccine companies have made.

At least five major variants (“variants of concern”) have developed in the last year, and two have become globally dominant. Even the mRNA vaccines cannot be cooked up and delivered fast enough to match whatever strain of virus becomes dominant. Covid is faster than the scientists.

This is all true. Virus variants crop-up faster than vaccines can be cooked-up. Vaccines will afford at most, “weeks of marginally improved protection for potentially severe side effects.”

The Omicron is currently the dominant variant (and in my opinion, weaker variants like it will evolve optimally to perpetuate themselves by skipping from host to host without killing them).

Vaccine makers know that “the virus is evolving new mutations faster than vaccine makers can keep up.” Despite that, “In public statements, Pfizer claimed it could deliver an Omicron-based vaccine by March 2022 if needed.” So why are they proceeding to develop and manufacture an Omicron-specific vaccine planned for when Omicron will have peaked or morphed or both?

Behind them, vaccine manufacturers have the power of the state. They know full-well that even if their newly manufactured potions miss the medical mark—they have behind them the state’s unconstitutional, coercive measures as a guarantee to help flog their (practically compulsory) products. So long as rights-violations to bodily integrity endure and are allowed—Big Pharma has made a safe investment in manufacturing more mismatched or useless drugs.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Pollyanna: The COVID Booster Racket Is Here To Stay, For Now

  1. Nicholas

    At this point I despair of this interminable manufactured crisis ever elapsing. I had fleetingly hoped that the propaganda effect would have worn off from mounting evidence of the injections’ overall ineffectiveness, not to mention myriad adverse effects which, even by a conservative estimate, are unprecedented. But alas, too many people in Western society, grown soft and distant from circumstances of real hardship, are conditioned to respond uncritically to demands for public safety and social control. Of course, once a pliant state, having suffered as yet no serious consequences for authoritarian rule, has delivered the already unaccountable pharmaceutical industry with a captive market, sundry vested interests have every reason to continue the racket. Why normal, educated people cannot seem to seem to let go of this disproportionate fear at this late date is still something of a mystery to me.

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