Don’t Get ‘Grubered’ By Immigration ILLOGIC



As far as I understand it, the underlying reasons Barack Obama has given for his Brownian legislative motion around immigration is that: 1. Congress has failed to do anything, ergo, He, BHO, must do something. 2. That we can’t leave matters as they are.

The premiss for each is wrong:

On #1: From the fact that Congress has not passed an immigration bill—it doesn’t follow that one has to be passed.

On #2: Why precisely can’t matters be left as is? The New York Times has some ideas about the politics of immigration “reform,” which it is—surprise, surprise—voicing in “The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul.”

I hope you see that from the fact that some sectional interests in the US have bought special favors—it doesn’t follow that the country needs an immigration bill.

Don’t get “Grubered” by immigration illogic.

Here’s the president’s Plan, as reported by Fox New in “Obama’s immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president.”