UPDATED: Dylann Roof, Evil Coward (Old South African and Rhodesian Flags)



Hate-crime perps are manifestly stupid, venal and cowardly. Dylann Storm Roof, 21, is no different. For an hour, he sat among peace-loving Christians who welcomed him into the their Charleston church without hesitation. Having sat in on a lesson in scriptures and soaked up the love, Roof then got up and sprayed the devoted with bullets, killing nine.

In a dredged-up image, Roof is seen wearing pins of the “flags of apartheid-era South Africa and colonial British-ruled Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.” “Incongruously” so, quips the Afrikaner activist site Praag.org—incongruous because the Afrikaners fought the British colonizers.

Roof is as ignorant as the MM (malfunctioning media) and its accomplices (Southern Poverty Center), who are attempting to further marginalize the South African and Rhodesian white minorities (most of the latter have been purged by black “freedom fighters”) by associating the alleged killer with the once internationally flown flags of these defunct countries.

An example of the ignorant smearing of entire societies as criminal enterprises is the dumb riff by Vox.com. (Don’t expect the writer to know that before Mugabe, Rhodesian blacks were the best educated Africans, even surpassing Indians. Under Mugabe, they’re starving.)

In any event, Dylann Roof is one “evil, not ill,” criminal. But so is the media and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

UPDATE (6/19): US “news” media have been depicting the Old South African and Rhodesian flags as the equivalent of Nazi insignia. Sean Hannity has just mentioned the display of these flags as a predictor of a disturbed mind, on the verge of an eruption. This is such rubbish. These anchors would think nothing of flying the ANC’s old flag.