UPDATED: ‘ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West’ Affects The Heartland

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“ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West” continues to draw intense reactions from the few sentient readers one can hope to reach, so often in the American Heartland:

Dear Ms. Mercer,

OMG!!!!!!! This is almost surreal, that is if it wasn’t so true. You, my dear respected lady/writer, are absolutely fantastic in the way you display your thoughts and purpose. I don’t know about the rest of America, but for sure I’m your biggest fan in the Heartland! Very few writers cause my heart to beat with purpose in such dark days. …

… Today, you have given me purpose, breaking this ice of despair. I once again feel like going on the attack against those who would destroy our civilization, our need, our want to live and be productive with liberty in a free society.

How often do I have to say, “You have just out-done yourself?”
And you also excite me with a passion for right ideals – not every writer can do this.


UPDATE (11/29): More notes:

Since we can’t elect Ilana or ET, let’s at least elect Trump. Fantastic article.

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