Smaller Unit of Bondage?



Mainstream conservative opinion is catching up with secessionist sentiment and prescriptions expressed over these pixelated pages (September 9, 2011), except that these conservatives can’t quite bring themselves to speak of the benefits of dissolving the dysfunctional EU.

Brett M. Decker of The Washington Times advocates a new, if smaller, unit of bondage:

“… a new Mark-based monetary union with fellow northern economies that maintain strict fiscal controls could help salvage something when the next economic tsunami hits Europe.” (October 21, 2011)


German taxpayers are fed up with having to constantly bail out suicidal spendthrift policies in irresponsible countries. They understand that bailouts are only temporary band-aids because welfare states will keep coming back with hats in hand for more cash injections but never improve their failing practices.

If they are dropped from the EU, “loser countries” will better able to serve as cheap labor and resume exporting goods to their neighbors.

One thought on “Smaller Unit of Bondage?

  1. MY RON-PAUL i

    The same sentiments that apply to Europe can also apply to the 50 sovereign states. There is no reason for Delaware to be united with Maryland so as to send troops to fight the Lords Resistance Army of Uganda. Is there a reason for Wyoming to worry about zoning laws in New York? Common recognition of private contracts and unfettered trade are worthwhile – but we do not need the current Welfare-Warfare Megastate. Maybe something more like the Articles of Confederation of the 1787 (not the “living”) Constitution makes sense.

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