The Decider’s Dictatorship



“Bush’s boy in Baghdad has given the president the backing for a policy the American people have repudiated. It is well known that Bush regularly bypasses Petraeus’ superiors, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen. They both understand ‘the broad view of our national security needs … and the risks posed by stretching the force too thin,’ countered Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee. To preclude that ‘broad view,’ Bush has habitually sidestepped the chain of command. Chain of command, separation of powers, limited and enumerated powers—winking at those fundamentals is all in a day’s work for W.”

The excerpt is from my latest WorldNetDaily column, “The Decider’s Dictatorship.

One thought on “The Decider’s Dictatorship

  1. Joe Allen

    Even Petraeus can’t escalate the conflict without a pretext. Pat Buchanan thinks he’ll find one. Pat’s column is at [And here]
    Iran brokered a cease-fire between Al Maliki and Sadr, but Gen Petreaus not only denied Iran credit, but blamed the Persians for aiding the anti american gang (Sadr’s Mhadi Army) when in fact they were and are helping the Maliki (Pro American) regime. So we are bribing/arming the anti-turk seperatist kurds, pro-Baathist Sunnis, the Pro Al Qaeda Sunnis, pro-Iranian Shias and villifying/targeting the Iraq nationalist Shiites, the only faction that could rule legitimately and allow us to withdraw!

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