Updated: Count McCain and Countess Condoleezza, His Vampire Bride

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A new poll of New York State voters suggests a hypothetical John McCain-Condoleezza Rice ticket would beat the so-called ‘dream ticket’ of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, even though Rice has sought to douse rumors that she’s seeking the VP slot.”

If this is true, then Americans deserve to have their blood sucked dry by these two neoconservative vampires.

The presumptive Republican nominee is a neoconservative deluxe. Read my detailed analysis of “the pollution he has left along his political path” in “Mitt’s Gone, Bill’s Back.”

Condi’s his evil ideological twin—a neocon. At the very least, how can the genus Boobus Americanus forget this woman’s role, as the head of the National Security Council, in September 11?

As I wrote in “Hold Their Feet To The Fire”:

“According to Rice’s official bafflegab, a 1999 report by the Library of Congress stating that suicide bombers belonging to al-Qaida could crash an aircraft into U.S. targets belongs to the realm of analysis. It wasn’t ‘actionable intelligence.’”

“Incredible doesn’t quite describe what Condoleezza calls intelligence ‘specifics.’ The National Security Adviser [implied back then that she would have] moved to act if she [had gotten] word of time, place and method of attack. What next? A gilded, personalized invitation to attend the crime scene?”

She headed “an office created by the National Security Act of 1947 to advise the president on ‘integration of domestic, foreign and military policies relating to national security and to facilitate interagency cooperation.’ If suspicion existed – analytic, synthetic, prosaic or poetic – Rice should have put the squeeze on the system she [oversaw].” Or so I wrote in 2002.

Condoleezza was a colossal failure. If this new pole is accurate, Americans are emotional wrecks. I suspect they’re responding to the Ebony and Ivory seduction.

Update 1 (April 12): In 2005 I consigned Condi to the hate America crowd. Here’s why:

“Hating America is wildly in vogue among Bush and his devotees. Condi and acolytes, in particular, showcased their contempt for this country’s history by continually comparing the carnage in Iraq to the constitutional cramps of early America. As The Wall Street Journal put it, ‘There were a few glitches 200 years ago in Philadelphia too.’ For its part, Fox News kept coupling George Washington’s name with Saddam’s slimy successors: à la mode, man!”

“No matter that faction fighting in Iraq is as old as the sand dunes. As James L. Payne has reminded those struck with historical Alzheimer’s, there are cultural barriers to democracy, chief of which is a high-violence society. Iraq is—and has always been—a society in which assassinations, riots and terrorism are viewed by a large segment of the public and its leaders as legitimate tools in a political struggle. Iraq is a high-violence society now. And it was one in the days of Sumer, Saddam, and in the millennia in-between.”

“Yes, the uncivilized hoots, hollers, and deadly blasts instigated by members of Iraq’s tribal troika capture to a tee the tone of the debates in, what’s that document called? The Fedayeen Papers?”

7 thoughts on “Updated: Count McCain and Countess Condoleezza, His Vampire Bride

  1. Steven Stipulkoski

    I don’t get the appeal of Condolezza. She must be far brighter in private. Or has grade inflation affected our highest government offices? Or what?

  2. Joe Allen

    Condi is pro-choice on abortion-which means conservatives would stay home election day because they already aren’t crazy about McCain. No way Johnny Mack can pick Condi without further alienating the base. I hope he does, though-and loses in a landslide.

  3. Bill

    “…Ebony and Ivory seduction.”


    I see Condi as burned out and wanting to move on. I sense no drive for any more of what she’s been through.

  4. Barbara Grant

    Don’t forget her background: She began her rise to prominence during the latter part of the Cold War as a Soviet expert. Studying the Soviet Union would not give an individual any insight into the thought patterns and behaviors of people in the Middle East. Who knows? She might have been presented with information that would have “jumped off the page” in the eyes of someone trained to see the Middle East through the eyes of its own people and cultures, yet failed to grasp its significance. She would be a lousy choice for V. P..

  5. Steven Stipulkoski

    The best thing Condi could do for her reputation is resign. If she really is a smart lady, then what is she doing in the Bush Administration?

    [She IS the Bush administration!–IM]

  6. Jamie

    McCain may choose Rice if Hilary gets the nomination, hoping to pick up disgruntled black voters. This is nuts of course. Rice won’t gain him any votes, but could lose him some. A far better choice is a genuine conservative (if any still exist). Not that I’ll be voting for him in any case.

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