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What’s with the waist band the FLOTUS is in the habit of wearing? It’s certainly a fashion accessory I have never seen before (well, they say she is a pioneer). It also looks awful, as it emphasizes her stomach. The “parrot press,” however, will continue calling the woman with the “angry eyeballs and ropey arms” a trend setter as fine as Jacquelin Kennedy. She wishes. You be the judge.


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Update: Jackie K. dressed exquisitely. Why is that bad? What has our reader hereunder got against taste, refinement and femininity? We certainly don’t suffer an abundance of those qualities in contemporary America.

7 thoughts on “Updated: FLOTUS Fashion

  1. M. B. Moon

    Well, who did Jackie think she was to dress like royalty? And who does royalty think it is to dress like royalty?

    I am hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Obama will not turn out to be empty suits. [I thought that was settled.] I can respect anger. I am pretty pissed myself. [What has MO got to be angry about? All the affirmative action opportunities she got?]

    I liked President Kennedy. Too bad he was shot.

  2. Robert Glisson

    Yeah, but a waistband is not a necklace. I had better stop there. I mean, way, way too many earthly jokes come to mind the way that ‘band’ looks.

  3. M. B. Moon

    [I thought that was settled.]

    The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD;
    He turns it wherever He wishes.
    Proverbs 21:1

    [What has MO got to be angry about? …]

    I don’t know. I’m trying to sleep through this Presidency unless he does something outstanding like ordering the Federal Reserve building razed to the ground and firing Ben Bernanke for poor memory.

    I count on you, Ilana, to keep up for me. Thank you.

  4. Robert Glisson

    “She has “lumbar hyperlordosis.” is a guess from the referenced website and has yet to be confirmed. I would withdraw my comment above though in light of Mr. Schaefer’s comment and also that I normally do not speak that way about another person. The original question “Why does she wear a waistband inappropriately” remains. The President and his family, especially Liberal Presidents are privy to the top and best image makers in the country. If I still have egg on my face after breakfast, I appreciate someone telling me to wipe it off. Her waistband is clearly worse than just a little egg. There is no reasonable reason for her contemporaries to allow her to continue to be photographed this way. FDR spent time in a wheelchair; he always looked like the chair didn’t detract from him. A good ‘stylist’ could make her appear physically photo worthy.
    Shifting to Jackie, she was a woman with Charisma at all times. Even the nude photos of her, reflected that she was a “Lady” beyond and above all else. It was she, not her husband that caused the whole ‘Camelot’ thing.

    [I was thinking of those innocent nudes of her, taken unawares when she was swimming off a private beach (paparazzi snuck up). So natural and perfect; long legs, no inflated appendages.]

  5. Bob Schaefer

    Normally, I wouldn’t waste a second on FLOTUS fashion. However, my stylish, 19 year old niece has recently been sighted wearing such a “high belt.” I suspect there is some hip symbolism (or worse) attached to this fashion statement that this old fogy will never pick up on.

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