Go Jump In Lake Kinneret (Sea Of Galilee)

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Good for them: The Israeli press, out in force at a press conference which was held this afternoon by President Barack Obama and Israeli President Benjamin Netanhayu, is giving Obama a cultural shock. Obama is not used to the irreverent way Israelis treat leaders; they do not worship politicians as we in the US do.

However, during the press conference, an indignant Israeli journalist demanded to know why we in the US have not stopped the carnage in Syria.

To him I say, “Go jump in Lake Kinneret, sir.” Why us? Why not Israel? Let Israel police the region. The president replied firmly, politely putting the man in his place. Good for President Obama.

For one thing, no less a war monger than Colonel Oliver North has disputed the latest chemical-weapons allegations against Syria. Colonel North told an annoyed Sean Hannity:

…”I’ve seen the intelligence reports, I’ve seen the unclassified version of it and we’ve seen the footage that came out of Aleppo today. This does not appear to me as a person who understands a little bit about chemical weapons — about 10 years ago today, I was wearing a chemical suit, you may remember and broadcasting on your show. On this footage that you’re watching right now, there’s no evidence of anybody suffering from the symptoms of exposure to chemical agents. Whether it’s propaganda on the part of the rebels or propaganda on the part of the government, it appears to me, as a person who understands what the consequences of exposure to chemical weapons would be, there’s nobody in this, what that footage we just saw, that’s suffering from chemical weapons.”

For another, “The Titan Is Tired:

“We Americans have our own tyrants to tackle. We no longer want to defend to the death borders not our own—be they in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, wherever. And we don’t need our friends looking to us to do so.”