Gonad-less Girls At TNR Gun For Jim Webb

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The New Republic smeared rightist Ron Paul. Now it has turned its attentions to Virginian Senator Jim Webb, whose name has been mentioned as a possible VP for Obama. Webb is no lefty.

Richard Just’s windy piece is pure crud. The man needs the discipline of a good editor. (He is the editor!) And how girlie is it to open with the exasperated, “I’m amazed.” This is a manipulative strategy to prime the reader for outrage. If only popular writers were a little less banal; would that an original idea popped into their noggins now and then.

(I’m psychologizing here—something I avoid–but I can’t help think that Webb’s unabashed manliness irks the new breed of “girlie boys.” Webb has defended his country and can defend his family. Juxtaposed to a guy who can handle guns—Omigod!—we have boys accoutered in trendy eyewear who carry on in fussy falsettos. Webb is fierce and passionate, and simply does not resonate with the “whatever” generation.)

I’ve tracked Webb’s recent political moves in a few blogs. (Here, here and here.) I like him. We had a personal exchange during the ramp-up to war. Webb would send me his pieces against the invasion, and voice his approval of my own WND ones. The man has the kind of ethics the gonad-less girls at TNR ought to envy and emulate.

Also curious is the emphasis in the Just piece on Webb’s worldview. Touching is the sudden concern about philosophy among the liberal left. Where was the “in-depth” worldview evaluation when it came to Obama’s adopted philosophy of two decades? I refer to the Black Liberation Theology preached at the church in which Obama worshipped for 20 years.

3 thoughts on “Gonad-less Girls At TNR Gun For Jim Webb

  1. Myron Pauli

    As a former membership chairman of my college Young Republicans, I have turned into a de-facto Democrat and backed Webb and a Democratic pro-gun candidate against the gun-confiscating Republican. Webb would be a good choice for Obama to take away the “Democrats are pinko pussies” blather than the Republican machine would use. But then the New Republic also was upset by Ron Paul – they cringe at the concept of a “classical liberal” (instead of a politically correct Lieberman-type statist liberal).

    Fred Reed has a good essay on Webb:


    And the Lew Rockwellians claim the curse of The New Republic is the ultimate blessing that can be said about my junior Senator.

    GUNS and PEACE – Support the Troops by Bringing them Home!!!

  2. Steve Stip

    Except for Ron Paul, I have abandoned the party of Lincoln. I might vote Democrat if they got reasonable on abortion (none after 40 days, or the “quickening” or leave it to the states) AND if they took on central banking AND if they abandoned foreign interventionism.

    [But they haven’t and they won’t, so you won’t.–IM]

  3. Steve Stip

    I don’t know if by your stands
    I’m a man.
    But I have a gun
    plenty of lead
    and I’ll not run

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