GOP Punditry And Politicians Keep Tinkering Around The Gulag’s Edges

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On the Republican game reserve, things continue as usual. As I was driving to my running turf, I tuned into radio mouth Jason Rantz, out of Washington State—who is also being mysteriously promoted by Tucker Carlson.

Gov. Jay Inslee won 58% of the vote. If you are among the business owners who voted for this chap—then you can’t expect any sympathy, now, can you?

Rantz was pondering how to improve the lot of business in Washington State, following the latest internment, courtesy of Gov. Inslee. Jason also beats on breast a lot about the lot of  Seattle’s residents, who voted overwhelmingly to continue to live in a city that resembles Mogadishu (on Lake Washington).

The tinkering the GOP is ever poised to partake in amounts to tweaking the Gulag: better barbed wire, less of a jolt from the electrified fence, and so on. No exhortation to rise up… No sense of justice, just tit-for-tat politicking.

More of the wishy-washy swamp crap for which we’ve come to loathe GOP punditry: Rantz says let’s have a bit of give-and-take with Great, Crooked Tech. Richard Spencer advocates the only true American solution: Make Tech a completely free-speech zone.

The occasion for the windy punditry: The Tech crooks appeared on The Hill to make fun of the country’s comical representatives.

Even Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is occasionally right:

When you have companies that have the power of governments, have more power than traditional media outlets, something has to give.

The next Tech vexation I find particualry egregious. By Deep Tech’s doing, some are serfs in American society; others are free.

To wit, Why is it legal for PayPal to prevent law-abiding individuals from transacting financially, but it’s illegal for a small business owner to refuse to bake a cake for someone? Civil Rights law is an ass, but, GOP, see that it is at least applied evenly, for heaven’s sake!

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