Gunning For Tom Brady

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I don’t give a tinker’s toss about the “Ow My Balls!” episode in which the New England Patriots are embroiled. (The satire “Idiocracy” predicted that in 2505, the age of the idiot, America would be enthralled by one of two seconds-long “films.” The first is “Ow my Balls!”) Worth pondering, however, is the hatred directed toward Tom Brady.

On MSNBC, the other day, a character from The Nation, Dave Zirin is his name, alluded to Brady’s own decaying Dorian Gray portrait stashed away in his attic.

In “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde told the riveting story of “a man who never ages while his portrait turns decrepit” because of his own “moral and spiritual putrefaction.” (The New Yorker.)

Nice comparison!

The Zirin bloke also protested the presence of a white man (Tom Brady) in a predominantly black sports league.

Brady’s a Dorian Gray (beautiful but evil) and he’s white (privileged but evil): If you ask me, these racists are gunning for the guy.