Hero & Ho Athletics @ The Fascistic Olympics

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As a longtime-medium distance runner (and a one-time sprinter at school), my Olympic heroes are always the runners. And, in particular, the African marathon runners. They seem to embody the spirit of the marathon.

The pampered runners of the West, with their coaches, sponsors and carefully honed running techniques, don’t do it for me.

(The high point of the competition is still, however, the testosterone-fueled, always magnificent, 100-meter men’s dash.)

You know that Geoffrey Mutai got good at distance running because he had to ran to school every day, and then stuck with this grueling sport—way of life, really—against all odds.

All interested eyes will be on Wilson Kipsang, who won the 2012 London Marathon.

What a shame that the cameras at the fascistic Olympics—what a production of the police state this Olympics is proving!—will be on ho athletics, or Beach Volleyball, rather than on the games’ real heroes.