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HILLARY CLINTON, SECRETARY OF STATE: “We are not going to be accepting into the United States Haitians who are attempting to make it to our shores. They will be interdicted. They will be repatriated.”

You most certainly never heard the aforementioned from “W,” whose open-border policies made Bill Clinton’s immigration enforcement look like Operation Wetback. Here’s Hillary on Haitian immigration:

“The United States will enforce its own laws and repatriate any Haitians who illegally enter US territory while fleeing quake-hit Haiti, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday.

“Ordinary and regular immigration laws will apply going forward, which means we are not going to be accepting into the US Haitians who are attempting to make it to our shores,” Clinton told reporters.

“They will be interdicted, they will be repatriated,” the chief US diplomat said when asked what could be done to prevent Haitians from fleeing the country in the first place. [AFP]

Writes Roy Beck of NumbersUSA:

This kind of message is especially important after the Obama Administration offered TPS (Temporary Protected Status) to hundreds of thousands of Haitians who already are in the U.S. illegally. Otherwise, Haitians back in their own earthquake-ravaged country could easily assume that they also could get work permits and legal status if they could just manage to illegally enter the U.S.

The problem:

“Pres. Clinton and Pres. Bush — and now Pres. Obama — have repeatedly shown that they lack the will to ever end Temporary Protected Status. Once the status is given, it gets renewed over and over again, long after the original reason for it has passed. Unless we get a different kind of President than the last three, the TPS issuance this week is a de facto amnesty for the illegal aliens who will be allowed to live and work here the rest of their lives.”

Just in case Haitians jump on boats, LT. CHRIS O’NEILL of the U.S. COAST GUARD has warned: “It’s very, very dangerous and dynamic. And I can’t stress enough how important it is for people in Haiti to stay home, stay safe, help rebuild your country. And we’ll help you rebuild it.”

Things must be bad when even the US coastguard has an urgent and acute sense of the economic desperation in … America.

Update (Jan. 25): Settle down naysayers. Hillary gets full praise for merely speaking the unspeakable; for saying what no other pol would dare say in the face of suffering in an undeveloped country. Underplay what Hilary said, and you underestimate or misunderstand the immigration taboos we immigration patriots face.

8 thoughts on “Updated: Hooray Hillary!

  1. George Pal

    Which comes first, Hillary announces she misspoke, Obama, via Gibbs, spinning Hillary, or, the wink and a blind eye as Florida gets swamped with America’s favorite import – refugees?

  2. Myron Pauli

    Good for Hillary.

    And we should NOT allow those Iraqis and Afghans who were displaced by our meddling to get free admission into a country that they and their children probably resent. Talk about breeding ingrown terrorism!

  3. james huggins

    Why? Nobody in the government has made any noise since I can remember about protecting the borders. If Hillary Clinton is trying to sound like a responsible public servant you can bet she has an ace up her sleeve.

  4. Robert Glisson

    “SENEGAL DOES IT RIGHT. Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade has offered Haitian refugees a “parcels of land – even an entire region.” When evacuating US Soldiers from a North Korean Port City, an entire N.K. village asked for transport to South Korea. We packed them on deck and headed South. Which direction is Senegal? (South-east boo-quo miles) History can repeat itself.

  5. Gringo Malo

    After my momentary euphoria faded, I did a Google news search for the words “Hillary Clinton repatriate,” and found only the AFP story you cited. That story is somewhat deficient. It said that Hillary told reporters that Haitians would be repatriated. It didn’t say what the setting was or how many reporters were present.

    I did, however find a CNN story headlined “Clinton: Administration considering accepting more Haitians“. Any rejoicing over the Hildebeest’s earlier statement seems to have been premature. In any event, now that Haitians know that they won’t be deported, I expect eighty or ninety per cent of them to embark for South Florida, overwhelming the Coast Guard, which cannot or will not use any actual force against the invaders anyway.

    You don’t happen to know a way to sell real estate short, do you? 🙂

  6. Myron Pauli

    Here is the neocon solution from Elliot Abrams:


    An excerpt:

    “Well, not every way we can — for one of the best ways to help Haiti is to allow some Haitians to move abroad. .. Migration would mean that Haiti needs to provide fewer hospital beds, schools, meals and jobs…
    President Obama said that the disaster in Haiti “is one of those moments that calls out for American leadership.” He should be asking Congress not only to provide aid funds but also to allow a significant increase in the number of Haitians legally admitted to the United States — to several times the roughly 25,000 per year in the past decade.”

    Got to read it to believe it! And Abrams was Deputy National Security Advisor to George W. Bush.

  7. Chip H

    I would rather have a Haitian for a neighbor, paying rent, buying groceries and gas, supporting our neighborhood and our country, than a tele-commuting Indian, sneaking under the US border every night on dark fiber internet tunnels reaching to every US business, and so displacing millions of US service workers by their sub-wage work, then sneaking back under the border at dawn, without paying a penny in tithe or tax, no rent, no groceries, no gas. Just a million points of light quietly winking out, like sparks on snow.

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