Updated: Obama Goes Getto On America (But Easy On Himself)

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HERE’S “what this bum thinks of America,” writes Larry Auster, and manages to capture the cretinous petulance of Obama’s response, at a town hall meeting in Ohio today, to the building resentment:

“… he is still ensconced in his little world, his little gnostic bubble, where reality is supposed to bend to his desires no matter how harmful and irrational they may be, and if it doesn’t, it’s other people’s fault–people who do nasty, ‘ugly’ things, people who ‘scare the bejesus out of everybody,’ people who ‘buzz-sawed’ his beautiful health care bill to smithereens in Massachusetts. Yes, that’s right, he described a peaceful, lawful election in the state of Massachusetts as a ‘buzz saw.’ That’s what this bum thinks of America. All of which is a good sign. It suggests Obama will not adjust to reality, will not ‘grow’ in response to defeat, but will remain a bitter, hostile alien in this country, clinging to his health care bill and his cap and trade, which in turn will make it more and more difficult for him to impose his will on us in any area, and will also make it a reasonable possibility that he will be a one-term messiah. Which is sort of a contradiction in terms, isn’t it?”

Auster rounds off with a Mark Steyn quip (“I’ve never denied that Steyn has his moments,” Larry writes. Ditto.) in response to “Obama’s astounding remark that the reason the voters of Massachusetts chose Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley and thus destroyed the Democratic Party’s revolutionary legislative agenda was that they were angry at eight years of Republican President Bush”:

Presumably, the president isn’t stupid enough actually to believe what he said. But it’s dispiriting to discover he’s stupid enough to think we’re stupid enough to believe it.

Update (Jan. 23): Here is the prepared text of Obama’s “jobs” speech in Elyria, Ohio.”


* BO sets the scene by blaming the big banks for this latest bubble created by loose monetary policy and compounded by decades of affirmative-oriented lending policies imposed on banks by government legislation.

* Pats himself on the back for the Recovery Act, bailouts, and nationalization of The Big Three, and for single-handedly averting a Second Great Depression through delirious spending, and by designing functioning, efficient, fair markets (in Obama oratory: “creating the jobs of tomorrow”). Yes, command economics worked in the Soviet Union; it’s working in these United States. Amen, Bro.

* BO then bemoans rising prices. In other words inflation—the increase in the money supply promulgated by the government-owned Federal Reserve’s habit of mucking about with interest rates or plain printing paper. Fiddling with the money supply courtesy of the government-Fed syndicate—and for the purpose of funding, if clandestinely, Big O’s debt—that’s inflation. “The truth is that inflation is caused by government,” observed Ronald Reagan. “It’s caused by government spending more than it takes in, and it will go away just as soon as government stops doing that.”

* Throw into the mix dollops of class warfare and you have a pacified crowd. “[S]ome Americans made huge amounts of money,” blasted BO, “while many others pedaled faster and faster, only to find themselves stuck in the same place.”

Yes, I agree. Do read “Life In The Oink Sector” to find out whose ranks you need to join if you want your wages to rise continuously—up to 50% higher than the average salary out there—never have to fear downsizing; being fired, reprimanded, or worked to the bone, and to retire after 30 years of abusing your “clients” on an annual income of a $100,000. Hint: It’s not the private productive economy.

Remember Lilly Ledbetter (it’s in the speech)! In the little lady’s honor, as Barack reminds us, he unleashed on struggling American businesses armies of strong-arming (and buff-armed, no doubt) Girls Gone Wild, eager for their pound of flesh. Read about it in Barack Against the Boys.)

Shout out for the Obama-expanded SCHIP program, the entitlement plan known as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

More self-congratulations. Barack leaves.

I’m off to barf.

8 thoughts on “Updated: Obama Goes Getto On America (But Easy On Himself)

  1. Robert Glisson

    I get another impression, that of a man simply trying to save face, keep the flag flying, so to speak. Like his attacks on the banks are mostly smoke and mirrors to make him look like the champion against the mean ol banks and insurance companies. Despite all the talk in the news about how the Democrats were defeated by Brown’s win and that the ‘Senate Health care plan’ was destroyed, we know that it’s not true. The Democrats still have the majority and the Republicans can now Filibuster, that’s about it. Maybe the Republicans can do some strong arming in the Senate to get some of the pie; but overall, adding another Neo-con light to the mix isn’t going to do that much. Of course the Democrats could throw in the towel or water it down for their own reasons, like 2010 or 12.

  2. George Pal

    BO might look stupid from the outside but inside he’s singing “if you could see things through my eyes”.

    Auster and Steyn are presuming in all the wrong places. It isn’t stupidity but conceit that describes BO; the conceit of a man who’s carried life-long resentments around like a hobo’s poke and the conceit of a man who’s been flattered, fawned over, rewarded, and honored as the white man’s perfect black man – most recently by Harry Reid.

    BO’s psychological narcissism… – egotism? solipsism? – there’s just no one right word as the nuances all apply – makes him the model of conceit and a perfect candidate for autarch.

  3. Seadaddy

    The country is broke. He doesn’t care where he squeezes the money he wants from. First, the global warming scam falls apart, and then the big health bill follows. The govt is getting desperate for funds so he will take them where he finds them, and he isn’t too picky where it comes from.

  4. Myron Pauli

    While I watch the federal government pissing away money all the time, federal salaries are in the $100,000 to $ 200,000 for experienced professionals (most capped at $ 155,000). But what does one say about Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the pseudogovernmental institutions that pay millions and are unaccountable? Then you have the insider banks like Goldman Sachs with hundred million dollar compensations and ripping the taxpayers off for Billions (in bailouts).

    Meanwhile, can one point to any real consumer PRODUCTION job being created by Obama (or the Republicans)?? These are make work jobs at the expense of anything productive.

  5. james huggins

    All through the campaign and numerous times during his first year in office I have heard this clown speak without end.

  6. Gringo Malo

    I wouldn’t count Barry out just yet. America still has millions of infantile voters who expect the fedgov to spoonfeed them. America still has a thoroughly Communist press, able to demonize any opponent of BHO and his programs.

    I’m not sure that the Republicans ability to filibuster Democratic bills will help them, or anyone else, in the long run. Does anyone else remember government shutdown in late 1995? Slick Willie Clinton actually caused it by vetoing a continuing resolution, but the Republicans got the blame.

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