In Which I Show My Inner ‘Illuminati’ To Some Zombie Readers

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About Comments to “Trump’s Not Yet President, But Nieto Is Already Saying, ‘Si Se Puede,’” on The Unz Review:

Read them. Some are pretty disgusting. No matter. I usually ignore them, but sometimes you have to whack a worm or two. No problem. Anti-Semitism, small-man syndrome, and the impulse to belittle me qua woman—this has been part of the territory for as long as I remember. It’s all in a day’s work. (Written in 2006, “How Sexist Are Libertarian Men?” attests to this.)

I appreciate Dr. Ralph Raico’s valiant defense. You won’t get that from most other libertarians.


I, too, am amazed that some readers have inserted Israel into the discussion of Ilana’s excellent article. The next president of the United States will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (if her precarious health doesn’t collapse). If you’re worried about the one-sided American support for the Zionist state, then again Trump is your candidate. No one has been a more slavish excuser and enabler of Israeli misdeeds than Hillary, probably a major cause of the millions pouring into her campaign from Hollywood and Wall Street. But all that is besides the point. The election of Hillary would be a catastrophe for our country. Her appointment of two or three new Supreme Court justices, gutting the First and Second Amendments; her intensification of the surveillance state to a hardly imaginable degree; and, in her arrogance and recklessness, Hillary even risking a nuclear confrontation with Russia and World War III–these are the reasons to hope and pray that the Queen of Chaos never becomes president.

Since The Unz Review Comments are not working, I’ve posted a reply here to Ralph Raico’s comment, in which, among other things, he expresses amazement “that some readers have inserted Israel into the discussion of Ilana’s excellent article.”

Dear Ralph Raico,

Whenever readers at the Unz Review see my name, like zombies tied to a psychiatric chaise longue they blurt out, “Israel, Zionist,” and worse. It’s not their fault. The Jews made them congenitally stupid.

Published by the Illuminati, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” recounts how Trump was “subjected to loud booing when he told a Jewish-Republican crowd he couldn’t be bought. If anything, Trump’s promise to be a ‘neutral guy’ in attempting to broker an Israel-Palestinian peace agreement [had] given ‘hawkish candidates room to pounce,'” during the primaries.

Best regards,