Is It ‘Moran’ Or ‘Moron’? (& More Of The Latter)

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The following is from my new, WND column: “Is It ‘Moran’ Or ‘Moron’?”

“Nothing is going to happen to me, man.”

“Those were immortal words of an inebriated illegal alien who rear ended an ass—Democratic State Rep. Michael Moran of Brighton, Massachusetts—in what was described in the press as a ‘serious car crash.’

Welcome to our world, Mr. Moran.

The suspect was as spirited as he was high. The soused 27-year-old Isaias Naranjo was decked up in a Mexican costume. And, as the local Fox 25 channel reported, Naranjo laughed when he was ‘told of the serious charges he would be facing’ (lies). ‘Nothing is going to happen to me, man,’ he taunted the cops (true). I’m ‘going back to my home country, Mexico.’

He might have been drunk and deadly, but Naranjo was dead-on about the joke of a ‘system’ he would be facing. …

Moreover, the merriment of the miscreant Naranjo is perfectly justified—and logical.”…

The complete column is “Is It ‘Moran’ Or ‘Moron’?”, now on WND.COM.

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UPDATE (May 29): MORE MORON MATERIAL. The imperious president has refused to grant Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer an audience. Fox reports:

Brewer will be in Washington to meet with other governors. She said Friday that she had asked to meet with Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to discuss border security and immigration

The pioneering Gov. Brewer ought to have sold Obama on a visit by saying she only wished to kiss the president’s papal ring.

5 thoughts on “Is It ‘Moran’ Or ‘Moron’? (& More Of The Latter)

  1. Gringo Malo

    “The culmination of a failure to punish predators is a debased, dissolute, slum-dog society…” You truly have a way with words!

    You mention that Moran (Moron?) supported stripping Massachusetts state police of their immigration enforcement powers. I’ve stumbled across a federal law, 18 USC 3041, that seems to empower state and local officials to arrest and imprison violators of federal law at federal expense. Sneaking across the border would seem to be a federal offense. Therefore, state and local officials are already empowered by federal law to enforce the immigration laws, and send the bill for said enforcement to Washington. I can’t imagine why there’s been no mention of 18 USC 3041 in the press.

  2. tdm

    The real morons and idiots here are the voters who elected this moron. Isn’t it logical to assume that the voters demand this kind of behavior by their unwillingness to elect anyone other than a moron?

  3. John McClain

    When we were one family, with only two adults, and a bunch of children, even then we needed rules, in order for even a simple family to make sense.
    As societies, we must have laws, or we automatically revert to “might makes right”, as there is always at least one person who is willing to take what he or she wants without any will to compensate.
    When we have laws, they must be enforced or we don’t really have them, we only have words which have no effect except to provide amusement for those who live by jungle law. When a law is laid out, yet not enforced, a demonstration of lack of will has occured, and such things are informative to those who care. For such people, it is better to have no law, and let them wonder what can and will be enforced, than to have a law which demonstrates the societal lack of will to enforce. At least with no law, the jungle law person has to wonder what standards are sufficient to alter his behavior, while having laws and not enforcing them, tells such people how far they can go in their imposing jungle law on the unwitting. As a member of “the ruling class”, Moran won’t be much affected by this, he will lose nothing, insurance will pay for all, and he will continue to support his positions, because he has no cause to change his mind or how he thinks, and because of this, all the costs are borne by the taxpayers. If it were not for the illegal alien, I’d have to put this one down as another “no humans involved” accident, and I am very happy I no longer live in Taxachusetts.
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC

  4. Robert Glisson

    Today’s news (5-29-10) states that fifty thousand protesters marched through Arizona’s capital today. Boycotts of businesses, troops Bussed in from all fifty states supposedly. The brown shirts are organized and well funded.Next step is uniforms with lighting bolts.

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