Letter of the Week: The Stupid Vs. The Evil Party



Letter of the Week: The Stupid Vs. The Evil Party
By Carlos

The Dems could have stopped Jorge’s Mesopotamian misadventure in its tracks if they were anything other than a party of corrupt leftist ideologues. They could have at least forced an open debate on the reasons for spending the precious lives of our soldiers there, and asked the hard questions about how such an invasion defends the United States.
Instead, they went along with the Messiah from West Texas’ crazy mission to spread the gospel of democracy in the Ummah. Of course, at the same time, Muslims continue to enter the Dar-al-Harb unimpeded.
Larry Auster gives a run-down here about our wonderful open borders with the Ummah policies. The number here is for legal immigrants only, from Muslim countries. Muslims from Europe, Canada, and elsewhere aren’t counted, nor are those walking across our unprotected borders illegally.
Paul Gottfried’s final paragraph in a recent article over at VDARE sums it up quite nicely: “As my late friend Sam Francis never tired of pointing out, the stupid party may have become an even greater obstacle to Western survival than the evil party it formally opposes.” It’s way past high time for a new party, or at least some folks who are willing to face reality.