UPDATED (1/19): “Lindsey Grahamnesty” And His Republican, Chicken-Little Amigos



“Lindsey Grahamnesty” and “Lindsey Gomez” are good nicknames for the odious senator from South Carolina. He said so himself.

Why is it that Graham, popularity with Deplorables 0 percent when he dropped out of the presidential race (12/2015), is speaking for Deplorables on immigration? Why has this traitor anointed himself the pointman for the GOP on immigration, and is being interviewed not once, not twice, but non-stop on the idiot’s lantern? Why is a lawmaker so unpopular with those who count, so popular with kingmakers?

And why do the Republican quislings in Congress keep intoning that “the DACA challenge” is the most urgent thing for Congress to solve? Why is DACA so urgent? Because lawmakers like the Flake-Durbin-Graham amigos tell you something—it doesn’t mean you must accept it as Bible from Sinai. Don’t be a Chicken Little. The sky is not falling.

Let the benefits to illegals expire. So what!

UPDATE II (1/19): Graham has complained that he wants the “Tuesday Trump” back, the Trump who was ready for a DACA giveaway. Deplorables want the Monday, Tuesday, Wed., Thurs, Friday, Sat. Sunday Graham GONE.