Madonna Accessorizing Again

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Ankle biters are still a chic accoutrement in Hollywood. You know, “Angie” has not yet launched a trendy, new fashion line, so brown babies are still very much “in” with the idiots.

As toxic as a Madonna-style upbringing will be, you must admit that it is far preferable to growing up in Malawi.

Also, when “the Malawian man thought to be the biological father of a four-year-old girl Madonna hopes to adopt says he’s opposed to it,” you just know he’s looking to be bought out—enticed away from the baby bidding business.

“James Kambewa,” reports the Christian Science Monitor,” wears a necklace he made bearing his daughter’s name, has never held or even met her, and says he’s only seen her ‘in newspapers and TV, not face to face.'”

Suffer the children.

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