UPDATED: Mindless Medic Gives Patient Marching Orders

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I would not have believed Karen De Coster’s blog post and LRC.COM article, “Medical Establishment Firing Patients Who Refuse Big Pharma-Big Government Vaccines,” if … it had not happened to me last year—around the same time! Except that the two certified letters that arrived in short succession from my frantic, histrionic (female) physician remain unopened. After we had a tiff during a visit in December or November, I think it was, I decided to leave the woman forthwith. That’s why I did not bother to open her letters. But the description Karen gives of the certified mail, two items, in my case, matches the things I queued up for at the horrible post office.

Unfortunately, I have not been as firm as Karen about refusing mammograms. But I certainly have never and will never have the flu shot. When I politely declined the shot at the new practice, the assistant seemed unfazed. Of course, I was a lot more timid about it. Just said, “No need. I seldom get sick.”

There’s strength in numbers. De Koster has empowered patients. I will eventually get around to opening the certified letters of dismissal (I presume) from my doctor and deal with the issue in a more public manner. The “exchange” we had in her office bears repeating. At the time, I did, of course, send a devastating letter pinpointing this medic’s substandard care, and asking her to quit harassing me with unsolicited mail (which I do not open) and causing iatrogenic illness.

UPDATE (Feb. 12): Further reading: “Robb Wolf on Things Paleo.” And “South African Professor Tim Noakes, an influential sports performance scientist, author, and long-time carb loader, has gone primal.”

UCT (Sean’s Alma Mater) scientist says, “Sorry, but carbo is really a no-no.”

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Mindless Medic Gives Patient Marching Orders

  1. james huggins

    Gee, you’re cute when you’re mad. Just funnin Mercer. I’m not making light of the situation. I guess we’re lucky in the Memphis area as there is no shortage of competent medical treatment,(yet). I suppose it’s mostly due to the University of Tennessee med school being right here. However, when Obamacare gets it’s second wind I suspect we’re all going to think we’re in Bulgaria or North Korea when we need a doctor.

  2. Abelard Lindsey

    Vaccines are one thing, and the Thimerosal in them is no good to anyone at all. My childhood allergies and asthma was due entirely and exclusively to Thimerosal and I am convinced that the vast majority of the allergies (and almost all asthma) is due to Thimerosal exposure.

    Statins are the other drug to avoid. MD’s are obsessed with prescribing statin, of which the long term use of eventually causes brain damage. Statins inhibit the production of CoQ-10, which is necessary for metabolism. The brain, which accounts for 20% of your total metabolism, is seriously harmed by the reduction of CoQ-10 caused by statin drugs.

  3. Abelard Lindsey

    When it comes to flu shots, I tell medical professionals that I am allergic to the Mercury compounds that are used as preservatives in these vaccines.

  4. greenhell

    I was almost fired for refusing a flu shot. They turned a seemingly nice gesture, “Here is a flu shot paid for by us,” into something off-putting by making it mandatory.

    I feel that encouraging people to wash their hands and not having a culture of fear around staying home if you get sick go much further to preventing an illness such as the flu from spreading around the workplace.

  5. My RON-PAUL i

    Anna and I don’t get no stinking flu shots and Anna has missed one day since 4th grade due to sickness. Meanwhile, my physician friend “health care provider” gets hassled by her management to process more patients. The less I see them, the better I feel.

    Well, I am back from California… on the way, I FLUNKED two nudie scans in Denver International followed by FLUNKING two gropes (I have no idea how) and probably had the taxpayers waste $1200 with TSA supervisors detaining me while they checked every piece of my luggage like my tuna salad for “suspicious vapors”. I offered to strip completely if they were interested! They wanted to know what I was doing heading to Monterey CA so I decided to amuse them by telling them I was going to give a lecture on the topic of AIRCRAFT SURVIVABILITY! I might have missed the stinking flight after being detained an hour but the dopey puddle jumper was delayed two hours.

    Medical care, of course, is regulated just like airplane travel and just about as pleasant. Sardine patient and sardine passenger!

    [Good to have you back.]

  6. Robert Glisson

    A doctor can not fire a patient anymore than a head waiter can fire a diner without a tie. All they can do is refuse to provide a service and therefore shoot themselves in the foot by losing a customer. I really don’t understand the ‘though the looking glass’ backwards thinking in this country anymore. My doctor prescribed that I take a high dose of blood pressure medicine,later I asked to lower the dose; they didn’t. Zoned out, wrecked my scooter. My fault, I let someone else take responsibility and had to pay for it. I now maintain my own responsibility and am in much better health. I think that the patient should consider firing and he/she can do that, if they feel the doctor isn’t providing service in the patient’s best interest. If they can’t find a decent doctor to take their case, then they probably wouldn’t have received good service anyway.

  7. weaver

    I’ve always wondered if the Thimerosal preservative had something to do with the destruction of vaccines in the 90s.

    But wait, there is more. Undaunted by the facts, Hillary continued in her attempt to show us how the village can care for the health of its children. She established a huge national distribution center with a large, government run warehouse in New Jersey. Soon vaccine manufacturers were shipping vaccine to the warehouse. All seemed peachy until a representative of the vaccine manufacturer noticed the warehouse wasn’t refrigerated. Without refrigeration the vaccine stored in the warehouse would become stale and actually present a risk to the children inoculated. Additionally by only having one warehouse, the system was a disaster waiting to happen. A simple warehouse fire could wipe out the supply of vaccine for the entire country. Well the central distribution of vaccine from this warehouse was becoming such a public relations nightmare that it was abandoned.


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