UPDATED: More Reasons to Secede From The Pundit Pantheons of Fox, MSNBC and CNN



Guests who’ve been invited onto the typical American vanity-TV news show must invariably kiss the ring of the ego in the anchor’s chair. The grateful guest will typically offer up platitudes such as, “Only you do so and so,” “Your shows is the only show that, blah, blah,” and, “If not for you, blah, blah.” It seems to be expected—and is a good practice if a commentator seeks membership in the pundit pantheons of Fox, MSNBC and CNN.

Today, in furtherance of freedom (NOT), Freedom Watch featured the “liberventionists” Neal Boortz, who is a “a statist, not a libertarian.” Anything Boortz supports is usually an indication to the contrary. Boortz is also Sean Hannity’s favorite libertarian, a credibility that seems to stand him in good stead with Fox News’ libertarian producers.

So does Stephen Moore of the “War Street Journal” carry the Hannity stamp of approval. He too appeared in furtherance of freedom on Freedom Watch today. No wonder Moore, like Boortz, is Hannity’s in-house freedom fighter. One of Moore’s books was “Bullish on Bush: How the Ownership Society Is Making America Richer.” But that’s no indictment among America’s incestuous teletwits. (“Bush’s bailout society” was an instantiation of the principles upon which “Bush’s ownership society” was founded: credit for those who are not creditworthy.)

To continue the theme of “Closing The Door On Closed, Cloistered American Media,” contra American media, RT draws on a large sample of opinion for its commentary; Left, Right, libertarian; orthodox and unorthodox. It seems to achieve this by avoiding the anointing that goes on in American TV studios, where pundits are picked from among powerful, well-funded, mainstream think tanks, editorial newsrooms, Internet sites, or presidential, congressional and other government staff. The TV tarts who flock to DC or New York to hang around the major studios, and in the fullness of time inflict their insufferable stupidity on us—they have agents, no less (or Fortune 500 fathers, or both).

By embracing Skype, RT also reaches out to different, interesting individuals whose mission is not to make their home close to a major TV studio with the hope of being “discovered” by the dumbos on Fox, MSNBC or CNN.

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UPDATE (Feb. 8): Sure, Myron; RT has plenty blind spots. The American moron media, by contrast, is one big, banal, unquestioning blind spot, chockablock with unrealistic rah-rah for America.

When last did you hear an interesting, original thought on MSM America? And American journalism has become mostly bad. Take, for example, the segment on Fox Business about the H1-B tiff with Obama. Not a word did the ego in the anchor’s chair devote to the debate (pro and con) surrounding the Visa. All he wanted to extract from his guest was that the Obama exchange on Google Plus was staged. That’s not journalism. It’s a partisan perversion thereof. Repulsive.

And, Myron, do follow some of the links provided, and you’ll see that RT gives voice to some fascinatingly bright Israelis (some generals) with whom you and I would not always agree. But, wow, are they brilliant, original and well-informed in their approach to the disputes and wars in which they have fought so valiantly. Click around RT’s Israel coverage, Myron, and you’ll see that, while it is much like CNN in its pro-Palestinian bent, RT showcases some magnificent Israelis who do Jews proud.

RT journos are intellectually curious—as you naturally are—as opposed their dim counterparts (can you say Dana Perrino?) in the American media.

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: More Reasons to Secede From The Pundit Pantheons of Fox, MSNBC and CNN

  1. Nick

    Yeah, I always wondered why the dinosaur media avoids Skype like the plague. Maybe because it has to do with the Internet, which if of course, the warm-blooded mammal replacing them.

    On a different note, I thank you for this, Ilana. I too was swindled by the Judge and started getting comfortable, allowing my bullsh*t detector to go idle during Freedom Watch. This will reinvigorate it. Not to say that I’ll stop watching FW, but I’ll be much more careful when doing so now.

  2. Myron Pauli

    In our Orwellian world, I have little idea what labels like Republican, “conservative”, or “libertarian” mean. It if means a $ 4 Trillion Warmongering-Welfare empire with “private public partnerships” running the planet via Blackwater and Haliburton and Raytheon, then I am not a “libertarian”. Might as well call me a “communist” or a “glockenspiel” given the way the media butchers words and concepts and logic.

    Nor do I sympathize with “right wing economic class war” getting in a fight with “left wing economic class war” arguing over whether capital gains rates of 15% are too high (right wing) or too low (left wing) to fund the Wars on Drugs, Poverty, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela, Illiteracy, Obesity, Global Warming. Funding $ 4,000,000,000,000 from the plutocratic entrepreneurs paying taxes, supermarket clerks paying tax, printing Federal Reserve fiat paper, or borrowing from the Chinese is wrong no matter how you slice the Gingrichian-Obamian statist bologna.

    When these “libertarians” propose a 30% national sales tax on every purchase, I want to puke!

    The one serious disagreement I have with Ilana is on the “tart” issue. This woman from the Super Bowl Fiat commercial is always invited to “deliver my news”:


  3. Dennis

    Is this the straw that will break the camel’s back?


    Predator is here. Will Terminator be next? And who will be “JOHN CONNOR” if there is no one to trust in the MSM, Congress, Military, Bureaucrats, or everyday people?

    ps: Myron, your anti-Fair Tax comment has surprised the hell out of me, but that’s just me and I have absolutely no inclination to discuss further since I have already taken that path with many of my friends. There is no UTOPIA.

    pps: Is RT the new RUSSIA TODAY?

  4. Nebojsa Malic

    Myron, Ilana, RT anchors sometimes do fall into the trap of accepting the concepts conjured and packaged by the Western mainstream media, even as they try to refute or criticize them – but that’s something that can be fixed. Living in a virtual, self-referential world and believing it to be actual reality, as the mainstream Western media do? Incurable.

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