Muslim Activist In GOP Flag Drag Laments Emigration Of Clock Boy



How is it that a Muslim or Latino Republican still considers herself a Muslim or Latino above all? How is it that an individual with such hyphenations—Muslim-Republican; Latino-Republicans—still regards himself, first, as an identity group agitator for his own kind? And how is it that Republicans gladly affirm and pal around with such hyphenated activists in flag drag? For example, the increasingly off-putting Megyn Kelly (whose prettiness is her show’s one redeeming feature), played footsie with Saba Ahmed of the Muslim Republican coalition (come again?). To prove her Republicanism, Ahmed had swaddled herself head-to-toe in flag drag: an Old Glory hijab (no nose bag).

This Muslim in Republican drag, went on to lament the loss to America caused by the departure of the Muslim Cock boy. Ahmed Mohamed has been poached by Qatar. Joy! Clock-boy and family are political agitators, blackmailers, grafters and fraudsters of the worst kind. So naturally, Obama summoned young Ahmed Mohamed to the White House where they celebrated the clock invention, which consisted of ripping out the guts of a commercial clock and presenting them as your own (such misrepresentation was once shunned, not praised).

Mohamed made headlines in September, when it was reported that he was arrested and suspended from school for bringing a homemade clock to class, though skeptical observers familiar with electronics noted that the homemade clock was really just a commercial clock without the casing. A teacher reported him to the police, who subsequently took him out of class, leading Mohamed’s father to claim Islamophobia. President Barack Obama invited Mohamed to the White House. (The Daily Caller.)

Back to the salient points: 1. The Saba Ahmed woman is a Muslim activist in drag. 2. Accordingly, she laments the emigration of a really iffy Muslim family; where ordinary Americans would be celebrating this departure. 3. Megyn Kelly is bobbing about and down with this female fraud, oozing over the patriotic garb and never questioning the guest’s concern for Other Americans, for clock boy is very bad news for all of us.