Updated: Netanyahu Wants To Retain Israel’s National Character

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Benjamin Netanayu doesn’t suffer any blind spots when it comes to the very real potential of Third-World refugees flooding Israel and transforming his country for the worse, for ever (Via VDARE.COM):

“Infiltrators cause cultural, social and economic damage, and pull us towards the Third World,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Manufacturers Association assembly, reports Tani Goldstein of YNet News:

“We suffer from a problem that actually stems from Israel’s economic success,” he said, explaining the problems that arise from the breached border with Egypt.

“We have become almost the only First World country that can be reached by foot from the Third World. We are flooded with surge of refugees who threaten to wash away our achievements and damage our existence as a Jewish democratic state.”

He went on to say, “Anyone walking around Arad, Eilat, or even south Tel Aviv today, can see this wave, and the change it is creating, with their own eyes. They are causing socio-economic and cultural damage and threaten to take us back down to the level of the Third World. They take the jobs of the weakest Israelis.”

Netanyahu noted that the government plans to work to construct a physical barrier between Israel and Egypt to prevent this “flood” of migrants.

Addressing the members of the Manufacturers Association, he said, “You will not like this, but we plan to legislate strict laws and enforce them with a firm hand against the illegal employment of infiltrators and foreign workers.”

The Hotline for Migrant Workers was enraged by the prime minister’s remarks, and issued a response saying: “The danger to the Jewish state is not the refugees, but the many Jews in key positions who have forgotten that their parents were refugees, and who besmirch the persecuted in order to whitewash their submission to the manpower corporations.”

As first reported on Ynet, the prime minister made similar statements in the session in which it was decided to build a stronger barrier at the Egypt border.

“This is a strategic decision, that will ensure the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel,” he said at the time, while promising that, “Israel will remain open to war refugees, but will not allow its borders to be used to flood it will illegal foreign workers.”

The prime minister has been extensively addressing the problem of the breached border in recent weeks. A number of plans to properly close the border to infiltrators have been raised in the past, but have not been executed, mainly due to budgetary reasons.

Besides the construction of the fence, the defense minister was tasked with pushing a bill calling for harsher penalties for Israelis who transport and accommodate illegal immigrants.

This bill, which calls for aggravating the sentence of offenders from two years to a minimum of three years imprisonment and heavy fines, is already in legislation phases.


If only Bibi’s spectacularly stupid American Jewish supporters had his smarts (and marbles). I spoke about this contingent’s characteristics in “Beck, Wilders, and His Boosters’ Blind Spot.” They never shut up about the horrors of the practice of honor killings and genital infibulation among the American Muslim immigrant population, but are mum about the perils to American society of the thing that brought such deviance to our shores: mass, third-world immigration.

Update (March 31): ISRAELI VS. JEW. Why would rational beings conflate the Jewish-American with the Israeli, unless he was in the habit of reading too many of the revolting Jewish-American columnists/bloggers advocates for Israel, whom Israelis themselves would find as alien as creatures from Deep Space. Never the twain shall meet. I’ll dilate on why this is so at another time.

For now, take it from me: Israelis have little in common with their diaspora American Jews. But on the face of it, why would Bibi, an Israeli PM, have the views of Jews in America? Has not this mistake of collapsing distinctions between Jew and Israel arisen because somehow you don’t think of Israel as a sovereign country like any other?

From the article excerpted, you can glean that Israel even has its open-border organizers who deploy the same emotional, factoids that our “nation-of-immigrants” sophists wield. These people rail against the common-sense pronouncements of the patriot Bibi. Israel, of course, was founded, swamp up, by Ashkenazi Jews (read white), who died in droves at the hands of Arab nomadic marauders and the inhabitants of the abutting Arab states.

Yes, Israel was a desert. Young people, idealists, settled it. They were educated, but abandoned all for the ideal of farming the land of their ancestors. They used to patrol their newly built villages and orchards, but these were raided often nightly by nomad who slit throats and slaughtering women and children.

The pioneering people wanted to become strong and proud. Many lived with mothers or fathers who awoke screaming at night from the memories of the camps, but they wanted to focus on LIFE. They wanted to build, not whine; they resolved to fight back, and they concentrated on actions, not words. (There is a word in Hebrew, “Dugri,” it means direct. You speak bluntly and directly.) This is in stark contrast to the way the American Jew carries on.

Above all, in contrast to the American Jew—the columnists, commentators, bloggers and vulgar vloggers—the sabra (Israeli born) did not wish to indulge in the Holocaustism that you hear non-stop from the American Jewish cohort.

21 thoughts on “Updated: Netanyahu Wants To Retain Israel’s National Character

  1. John McNeill

    I hope that Bibi will be an inspiration for the West, and his leadership will challenge the anti-Semitic stereotypes promoted on the Internet such as Jews as a whole being for third world immigration.

  2. james huggins

    Bibi must be a pretty smart guy. He agrees with me. I, and anyone with a lick of sense, have long been saying exactly the same things about the USA that he is saying about Israel. The difference between the Israelis and the Americans is the Israelis actually have the cajones to protect their homeland whereas Americans have not.

  3. Robert Glisson

    “be used to flood it will illegal foreign workers” needs to change “will to with”

  4. Dan

    How backward of the Israelis, what they need to do is give all the immigrants amnesty and voting rights (end sarcasm).


  5. Derek

    I hope that Bibi will be an inspiration for the West, and his leadership will challenge the anti-Semitic stereotypes promoted on the Internet such as Jews as a whole being for third world immigration.
    [Not sure why you are ALL crassly confusing Jews with Israelis. Who said Israelis are for Third-World immigration anywhere?]

    How will this challenge that anti-Semitic stereotype? It might actually do more damage because the same people who promote that stereotype will see Jews as hypocrites who favor third world immigration to Western nations, but not for Israel.

    Unfortunately for America, we don’t have Jews like Bibi leading the debate on immigration. We have Mark Potok, Abe Foxman and others of their ilk who label anyone not in favor of open borders as racist.

  6. Robert Glisson

    “Where is Myron when we need him?” Observing Passover, where the rest of us should be.

  7. james huggins

    I often use the term “Jews” for either Israeli or American Jew. I hope that the context of my comments leaves no doubt as to whom I regard positively or otherwise. However, in the future, I will clean up my act. Charles Schumer is a Jew. Bibi Netanyahu is an Israeli. Now that I see it spelled out I can understand the difference.

  8. Myron Pauli

    Yes, Robert, I was up until 2 AM on 2 nights violating the Peace Process by saying “Next Year in Jerusalem” instead of “Next Year, all Jews should evacuate Al Quds!”. Netanyahu, in spite of his years in a mental institution (MIT), is at least not a complete fool. He even has understanding of free market economics.

    While I do not agree with all of Tom Friedman’s NY Times observations, he had an interesting essay how Israel no longer “needs” the peace process but the US apparently does:


    Frankly, Israel asserting itself and standing up on its own may actually be a silver lining to the Obama-Biden blather. Unfortunately, America does not stand for its OWN interests. America REFUSES to seal our own borders and then offer nonsensical biometric ID cards (I have horror stories on those) and domestic TSA goons as a “solution” instead. Then we pay the son of the Afghan defense minister a $ 360 million trucking contract to distribute protection money to warlords and Taliban so they can buy the guns to shoot at us while we shoot at them – and this is “protecting our freedom”??!!

    Congratulations to Netanyahu on becoming a mensch.

  9. Myron Pauli

    One final thought – suppose 1600 Arabs moved into East Jerusalem … – would the world have a big fit, UN resolutions, and the like? I rest my case.

  10. Barbara Grant

    It’s very likely that most Americans have never met an Israeli. Instead, they see the strong connection of American Jews to Israel, and, perhaps not surprisingly, equate the two groups. Incorrect, I realize; but also one more example why your perspective is valuable.

  11. robert

    Thanks Myron. I knew you would be riding in, and not walking, when you finally arrived. Hope I did not disturb your observance, mine starts tomorrow with Holy Thursday. I will pray to our common Father for good folks like you and Ilana as I admire your humor and intense honesty from afar. Whatever you eldest sons of faith do for your gentile brothers that might be to the good, please offer it for me. In these times we need all the assistance available.

  12. Greg

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is a great leader. He is absolutely right about third world immigration. Our leaders are too cowardly and weak to deal with this problem in a strong, common sense way.

  13. Greg

    Can someone please help me with something?
    I go to Pat Buchanans website every few days and so many of the writers there despise the nation of Israel. I truly don’t understand why. I agree with Pat on many things but when it comes to Israel I part ways with him. Is it just anti-semitism?

  14. Myron Pauli

    Greg – I think many of the old Catholic/Christian right were upset over the large Jewish component of both communism and secular modernism in the early 20th Century. Happy Easter Robert.

  15. John McNeill

    “Not sure why you are ALL crassly confusing Jews with Israelis. Who said Israelis are for Third-World immigration anywhere?”

    I am well aware of the difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews. My comment was in reference to the many denizens of the “far right” who like to adhere to anti-Semitic beliefs, such as Jews as a whole being committed to the West’s destruction. They are the ones who make no distinction, or even acknowledge the many American Jews that aren’t on board with such an agenda.

    And Derek, you are right that this can backfire. I’ve seen anti-Semites certainly go in that direction. I’m hoping Bibi will make an outreach to nationalist movements in Europe, even if that will cost him diplomatically.

    Greg, sadly anti-Semitism is deeply ingrained in the majority of American anti-immigration circles that go beyond opposing illegal immigration. I’ve run into this wall myself, and I’m trying to find ways of breaking it. There are some like Lawrence Auster who are trying to challenge that. Hopefully more will come.

  16. haym

    Buchanan was as pro-Israel as one could be in the 70s-80s. Something turned him. I’m not sure what.

    I would not generalize too far when comparing and differentiating Israeli Jews and American Jews. As has been said both have fringe segments that have death wishes, and who love to bathe in the adoration of anti-Semites.

    Reality can be a great slap in the face of fantasy. Israelis are close to reality than Americans. And by reality I mean the struggle for life and survival. We are very insular in this country. One only has to compare the reaction to Obama and his policies by the older generation who escaped from the Eastern Communist Bloc with those who have never experienced the “workers’ paradise” first-hand.

    This is more than an American Jewish phenomenon, although sadly (tragically) we are taken in by the leftist lies in greatest proportion.

  17. Barbara Grant

    With kind regards and respect to BAB’s Catholic contributors, I’d note that the Catholic church adheres to “Replacement Theology”–that the Church replaces Israel in biblical prophecy; and so, when chapters such as Ezekiel 37 are mentioned, about the house of Israel coming to life again, in its own land, the interpretation is not literal but figurative. If not literal, by what biblical right do modern-day Jews claim Israel as their own? For they, and their claim to the land, have long since been theologically supplanted.

    If I’m incorrect on this point, surely someone will correct me. This is my understanding as a Protestant Christian–one who offers no allegiance to a Pope of Rome, no matter how brilliant he may be.

  18. Greg

    Thank you for your comments Barbara. I too am a Protestant Christian and many Protestants believe Replacement Theology as well. I think it is garbage theology and very dangerous. They allegorize Ezekiel 37 instead of taking it literally. God’s word is very clear on this subject.

  19. mike d

    Loving your comments on American Holocaustism. This annoying attitude is quite prevalent among some of my New York acquaintances, whining with that signature tone as they bite into their bacon cheeseburgers.
    The worst of my scorn is reserved for those oscar-baiting Holocaust films (the more recent examples, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Defiance, some of the biggest POS cinema I’ve ever seen). Absolute trite.

    I too may have fallen into this disease, but luckily I lived in Israel for a time, and now associate with circles of Israeli expatriates. Much better company I’d say.

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