UPDATED (3/4): NEW COLUMN: Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In California

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NEW COLUMN: “Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In Cali,” is on WND, The Unz Review, on Townhall.com.

And a feature on American Greatness:

“… our country is suffering a blackout of intelligence”


Some blame a quasi, free-market in electricity for the collapse of the electrical grid in Texas, during a winter snow storm, mid-February, with temperatures averaging zero. The same people finger deregulation and isolation from the national and neighboring grids.

The other side has it that an excessive reliance on renewable energy sources, like wind turbines, was the culprit in a grid collapse that saw 40 percent of the power supply fail within hours of the storm, indirectly causing the death of about 60 Texans.

All agree that the oil-and-gas state enjoys both cheap natural gas and abundant wind power, and that its natural resources could have stood Texas in good stead.

The Lone Star State’s human resources are another matter entirely.

Be they wind turbines or gas pipelines; the electrical grid has to be properly maintained. Texas, however, lacked “leadership.” It transpires that the grid had not been weatherized nor winterized in anticipation of a harsh winter—pipelines had not been insulated and wind turbines never deiced.

Leadership is a euphemism for intelligence. Texas in the winter of 2021 will likely be looked upon as a case of systemic stupidity; systemic rot.

Things start to fall apart when the best-person-for-the-job ethos gives way to racial and gender window-dressing and to the enforcement of politically pleasing perspectives.

Likewise has the emergency personnel managing the blackouts for the nation’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, joined California’s political leadership to deliver Third World quality service to Californians.

When it is reported that, “Among the hundreds of people who handled the blackouts from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s emergency operations center, only a handful had any training in the disaster response playbook that California has used for a generation”—that is a fancy way of saying “affirmative action.”

It doesn’t help that the American Idiocracy is moving at breakneck speed to equate merit-based institutions with “institutionalized racism.”

... READ THE REST.  NEW COLUMN: “Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In Cali,” is on WND, The Unz Review, on Townhall.com.

And a feature on American Greatness.

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UPDATE (3/4): Via Unz Review:

What happens when there is an accident in a tunnel in South Korea. (It’s called a sense of community.)

2 thoughts on “UPDATED (3/4): NEW COLUMN: Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In California

  1. H. V. Traywick, Jr.

    The South Africanization of America:
    Dear Ms. Mercer, Your book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” is a picture of the future,which is now! The Racial Grievance Industry is on a roll, shaking down Desperate White Liberals for all they’re worth. It is a political Bonanza. Your wonderful book clarifies it like distilled crystal spring water: merit is being enslaved by “affirmative action.” Where “minorities” can’t make it on merit, they claim “systemic racism” and demand affirmative action. They claim, with specious reasoning and political profit, that school discipline, school suspension, police interaction, incarceration, illegalization of drugs, the death penalty, SAT tests for college admissions, civil service tests for government employment, and everything else under the sun “adversely affect minorities” and therefore demand quotas and affirmative action. The results are becoming painfully obvious, as you point out: White flight, anarchy in inner city schools, dumbing down of curriculum, two tiered admissions policies in higher education, laws changed to fit behavior, defunding of police departments, anarchy in the streets, and on and on. Statistics abound on how everything “disproportionately affects minorities” and therefore must be remedied by “affirmative action” quotas. I’d like to see some statistics on how minorities and affirmative action quotas “disproportionately affects everything else.” I’m sure no such statistics will be forthcoming. But nature abhors a vacuum, and things always seek balance. What I do expect to see, therefore, with the triumph of Affirmative Action in all walks of our culture, is Merit picking up his toys and going home. Best Regards to you, Ms. Mercer – and thank you. Sincerely, Bo Traywick

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