On The Sean Hannity Show

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I was asked out of the blue this afternoon to appear on the Sean Hannity nationally syndicated show to defend my short “In Defense of Michael Vick.”

When Mr. Hannity’s producer comes calling, you don’t refuse or let her wait. They were exceedingly professional, nice, and respectful. I was asked if there is anything I’d like omitted from the introduction to my segment. I replied: “don’t describe me as a left-liberal.” I was assured that they had checked out my bio and there was nothing remotely left-liberal about me. That was a relief.

I found Sean Hannity to be tough, but fair on this topic. He clearly did not agree with me, but sounded as though he respected my propertarian convictions. I was surprised to learn from him that he has read my work over the years, did not agree with a lot of it, but respected the thought and uncompromising intellectual stances taken over the years.

He is, doubtless, a very charming man. Disarmingly so.

This is the section of the column Mr. Hannity read over the air, before proceeding to drill me:

“But even more uncivilized than Vick’s alleged dogfighting violations has been the zeal among media pack animals to convict him. Vick is not a thief, a murderer, or a rapist. Neither has he defrauded anyone. He is a gifted athlete—and an obviously aggressive young man, who may have channeled his abundant aggression into a blood sport, as men have done throughout time.”

It was very gratifying to get a note from one of the producers to say, “I admire your individualism, you are patently not subject to ‘group think’—all too increasingly rare nowadays.” I’m not sued to such kindness fro media. But I could certainly get used to it.

Mr. Hannity’s producer tells me you can listen to the show by going to www.hannity.com. and becoming a “Hannity Insider,” which would give you access to audio clips. Getting it on “real time on web stream–wabcradio.com”—is another option The interview will be played at 5:00 Eastern Time again. If a listener locates the tape, please send me a link.

Update: Here is the Hannity money quote:

“Having read your columns throughout the years, I think I know you a little bit—I know you come from a very intellectual point of view, an intellectually honest point of view—you have given the most articulate argument I’ve heard [“In Defense of Michael Vick” and against animal rights] on the other side of this, one that is consistent with many of the views you have.”

The follow-up column is “Man Is The Only Top Dog,” which appeared in the Orange County Register. (The WND, longer version is here.)