Oscar Update, Updated Twice

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Oscar-Wood’s feather-plucking habit is slowly abating. He has, so far, grown back green socks. He had previously plucked them, leaving only red rims on his little bare legs. Oscar-Wood says, “Moron,” “hello,” “knock-knock who’s there” after punching a bell, “Hello Omar” (the name the breeder had given him, which had to be changed, for obvious reasons), “ring-ring,” “Atshoo” in a pitiful voice, and generally sounds like one of those little rubber toys you press and they emit cute sounds. When he feels insecure, Oscar rushers into his cage and snuggles up to his comfort toy—a thing that combines fluff and wood—and chews on some wood for comfort.

It works for him.

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Update: Oscar-Wood loves his neck stroked. He indicates he wants it done by bending his head right down and exposing his neck. If he can’t get a human to do it—preferably daddy, whom he adores—he folds two of his pink claws over the one, and uses the remaining claw to stroke his own neck. Needless to say, he closes his eyes when tickling himself.

Oscar-Wood’s little green socks and red jacket lapels are growing back.

Oscar recommends that you buy his mommy’s book, Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash With A Corrupt Society. Proceeds go toward the Oscar-Wood and T. Cup Nut & Wood Fund.

7 thoughts on “Oscar Update, Updated Twice

  1. Robert Glisson

    Cute fella, eyes look healthy too which is an indicator of internal health. We have found that adding a little salt to a diet helps stop self destructive behavior. I’d guess he is getting a better diet as well as the obvious attention perks from you, which everyone needs. Looking forward to the next progress report.

    [Thanks for the tip. Will implement. It’s odd, but I had asked the avian vet about his eyes too. They are indeed clear and gray. The tiny one, whom we got when a baby, eats a fruit salad of 7 varieties each day; but Oscar seems too set in his ways to break monotonous eating habits. I have only managed to get him to eat grapes, apple and orange. He likes a home-made bean mix and green beans he adores.]

  2. robert

    “Proceeds go toward Oscar and T. Cup’s Nut Fund.”

    Well, it will be a better group of nuts to support than the nuts trying to run our country in Washington D.C.. Please forward one copy of Broadsides and a T. cup to go.

    [Copies of the book are available HERE. Place an order/orders (for friends and family), and publisher will forward.]

  3. Robert Glisson

    In my haste to go walking this morning, I think I left a ‘dangling participle’ in my earlier post. I forget exact wording but mentioned ‘attention from you as we all need’ and forgot to add the qualifier of “from others” which could leave a false impression. Please review and correct the post (if necessary) before display. Thank you. Robert G.

  4. Barbara Grant

    It is a cute picture of both you and the bird. I assume you have no felines in the house.

  5. Mike Marks

    I’m glad to see your bird is doing well. Any bird that has moron in his vocabulary can’t be all bad! Mike.

  6. Andy

    What a brilliant green! Digging the fade on the feather tips 🙂

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