UPDATED (10/8): Oscar-Wood Gets COVID Clean For World Animal Day, 2020

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Happy World Animal Day to my favorite little guy, Oscar-Wood.

Here mama’s cherub makes himself COVID clean. It’s pretty rare for a parrot to wash each foot with such focused intent. He doesn’t quit until he has gone through 4 fresh dishes of water.

You can hear mama’s exclamations of pride in the background.

Happy World Animal Day to all animals and their pet people.

UPDATE (10/8):  Oscar-Wood used to pluck his feathers before his rescue. As explained, parrots are the only creatures to self-mutilate out of depression, in captivity. Some parrots go as far as to drill holes in their chests. It’s too sad for words. Oscar-Wood only ever plucked himself. Here is what he once looked like:

4 thoughts on “UPDATED (10/8): Oscar-Wood Gets COVID Clean For World Animal Day, 2020

  1. paul marchand

    Parrots are said to be wonderful animals.
    When I first saw SNOWFLAKE dancing to ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (YouTube), I suspected it was a doctored video,

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Wasn’t he precious? Post the Snowflake YouTube. I love it. Parrots are angels, feisty ones; people in feathered suits. Remarkable, brilliant and sweet. But you have to gain their trust. Treats won’t do it.

  3. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Oh, heavens, Oscar-Wood is a tyrant. So secure in being adored. He was, however, in a bad way when we got him. Depressed, having plucked himself near baldness. They do that when they are depressed. Parrots are the only creatures that self-mutilate like humans do.

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