Conservatives Refuse To Call Out Critical Race Theory As Exclusively ‘Anti-White’

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“CRT is an exclusively anti-White set of abstract, ethnocidal ideas, convicting an entire racial group for metaphysical crimes.”–ILANA MERCER, “Critical Racist Theory Robs And Rapes Reality.”

How is it possible to discuss Critical Race Theory and fail to mention its salient characteristic—that it is exclusively anti-white, ethnocidal agitprop?

Easily, if one is a Beltway conservative. They complain a lot about Critical Race Theory, and construct elaborate theories around its crass edifice, yet seem constitutionally or congenitally incapable of calling it what it is: exclusively anti-white.

All conservatives can muster, seemingly, is to accuse Critical Race Theory peddlers of preventing multicultural America from having that big group hug we all crave and know we are capable of.

For example, this Federalist piece, “Critical Race Theory Is A Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic,” hides behind the term “identity politics,” and decries a way of thinking that exploits the amorphous “tragedy of racial divisions in America.”  Some bad people with a communist mindset and a manual aren’t interested in healing. Boohoo.

Really? I didn’t know that Communism revolved around the exclusive subjugation of whites?

If reality means anything, this is bizarre and wrong. America is racially divided. Blacks, for the most, hate whites for a variety of unjust reasons (not least the incessant propagandizing by other progressive whites). They want to hurt them and make them pay. For what? For everything; for whatever is wrong with their lives. Deal with that truth. Communism is but an intellectual crutch.

Deferring to communism allows the ever-quaking conservatives to hide behind respectable argument.

As to that Uriah Heep like obsequiousness: Going by this Federalist writer, conservatives refuse to even take credit for the culture for which Europeans are being berated. So they universalize the creed (the Protestant Ethic).

Recall the “‘Smithsonian display on “whiteness’ that condemned all elements of civil society, including politeness, hard work, self-reliance, logic, planning, and family cohesion”? “None of those are ‘white’ values, but critical race theory frames them just so,” assures the aforementioned author.

Rubbish! These values are most pronounced in the European culture. One might even call them Western European by nature, because the sanctity of the handshake, the word-of-mouth promise, the contract—the things that made capitalism take so well in the Anglo-American world: These are not really part of the East European ethos.

Imagine being so servile and apologetic that you wash your hands of a really cool thing you invented.

Hybrid conservative Dave Rubin also won’t say it. Critical Race Theory is … wait for it, “racist.” We’ll leave it at that, shall we, Rubin seems to be saying. Racist? Is it anti black, Hispanic, Asian? Naturally not.

Even Christopher F. Rufo, formidable warrior against institutionalized Critical race Theory, still can’t bring himself to SAY IT.

By Rufo’s definition, CRT is “a radical ideology that advocates the overthrow of capitalism, meritocracy, and equal protection under the law.” Maybe. But those lowly goals are secondary to singling out whites for a unique form of subjugation and intimidation.



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