UPDATED: Oscar-Wood, Non-Stop Naughty

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Sipping Afternoon OJ.

I like my OJ

“Don’t Look At Me Like That. I Will Eat The Wall.”

Dont look at me like that I WILL eat the wall

“No Wall Protection Will Stop The Beak.”

No wall protector will stop THE BEAK

“Nice Wall.”

Nice wall

What Can I Break?

What can I break


Peek a bird

Wine Rack Or Roost?

OW wine roost

Unpacking Mommy’s Shopping.

OW in red bag

Stealing Snow Peas.


Grog For Oscar-Wood.


Don’t You Dare Move Me.

Dont you dare try to move me

What Can I Evict Next? (Oscar-Wood loves nudging dishes and cups off the countertop and watching them crash.)

Oscar pillaging

Mommy Won’t Find Me Here In The Pantry.

Exploring the pantry

More about Oscar-Wood and the genius (and neediness) of parrots.

P.S.: Believe it or not, the rest of the home is tastefully appointed. The kitchen, however, is Oscar-Wood’s turf; he does the “renovations” there. A design solution that combines Oscar-Wood’s tastes and ours is bound to present itself one day.