Patriots For Private Property Push Back

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Matters boiled over in Murrieta, California (while Bill O’Reilly interviewed the Hollywood Idiocracy, and his photogenic philosophical twin, Megyn Kelly, did take number four or five in her “Endless Ayers” series. So much for news). Private-property patriots pushed back against an invasion, by uninvited dependent aliens, of their space, their bank accounts and possibly their bodies (by pathogens). The heroic stand athwart forced the invaders to back away. Alarming, however, is the idiot elite’s position: they pushed back not against the invaders and their proxies (the Feds), but against the patriots.

Murrieta’s obsequious, pathetic mayor, Alan Long, apologized for his townsmen, depicting the protest as “angry,” lacking in compassion and unreasonable. Replace the guy!

O’Reilly performed the same jig, suggesting that the patriots were unamerican and nasty.

As I said, the Idiot Elite.