Political Power Couple: Trump & Coulter

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It is a mistake to interpret Ann Coulter’s use of the Biblical Joseph’s story—at the Donald Trump rally in Iowa, Tuesday—as an allegory for Mitt Romney’s political suffering. No, no , no! Ms. Coulter is talking quite clearly and metaphorically about long-suffering America under the lying Demopublican “regimists,” when she says,

“He had to be sold into slavery, imprisoned, betrayed, so that eventually he could save the Jews. Maybe Mitt Romney had to lose. And maybe we had to give Republicans one more chance in 2014.

“And maybe [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and [House Speaker] John Boehner had to betray us once again to pave the way for President Donald Trump.

“God hasn’t given up on America yet.”

“He” is everyday America.

Chelsea Schilling of WND reports on a win-win situation:

Conservative firebrand and bestselling author Ann Coulter joined Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa Tuesday – and she delivered an epic smackdown of “speech Nazis” who ridiculed the GOP frontrunner for using the term “anchor baby.”