Updated: Poster Woman For The Dumbest ‘Republican’

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I thought Elizabeth Hasselback was dumb. Then came the panelists on Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel.” And now: enter Meghan McCain.

This creature calls herself a writer. And, to be fair, America has facilitated her hubris. She has written for Newsweek, no less, and now pens a blog for the Daily Beast. McCain’s notion of an argument is, “I, like, disagree with that completely, and think that’s completely crazy.”

McCain’s prominence as a “writer,” rather than as a Paris Hilton-style reality show narcissist, is because 1) her father is famous. 2) This is the Age of the Idiot.

If you’ve read the first few lines of her Daily Beast blog, you’ve read all two rambling pages of it. I wish I had the talent these vapid women evince for saying nothing for pages on end.

The upside of this depression is that the Meghan McCain cohort will become unemployable, except perhaps as hookers (duct tape on the trap is a must).

Writes McCain: “I hope viewers understand Ann Coulter is not the woman we Republicans need representing us right now.” McCain also accused Coulter of anti-Semitism, a silliness I dispatched of here.

She’s hoping to be anointed in Coulter’s place.

The retarded McCain (with apologies to retards) doesn’t grasp that, as shallow as The Queen Bee’s message is, the one-trick Coulter is still sui generis; a master of the syllogism and quick wit.

I can’t wait for Ann to eviscerate mindless Meghan.

I give you the Republican Party’s latest, and perhaps greatest, ditz (could her gracious mother not have taught this young heifer to speak properly? Mrs. McCain is a rather refined, well-spoken, and certainly a strickingly beautiful lady, in that icy, Nordic way):

Update (March 12):MEGHA-HEAD MCCAIN. If I hear the phrase “reach out,” “moderate,” “young people,” or “I feel like,” once again… (fill in the blanks). Here is megha-head McCain again. Huffington Post calls what she does “argue.” MM “argues” that: “the GOP, a party which she ‘loves,’ needs to become more moderate and reach out more, especially to younger voters.”

Damn democracy, wherein I have to be tortured by what such idiots think and “feel,” because they reach so far into my pocket.

A COW IS BORN: Here is MM anointing herself as the Only One; as someone who’s seen “a lot.” Maddow helps establish this useful idiot as a person with a frontal lobe. MM brays: “I love being open (I bet), I’m so different, I’ve seen A LOT [said in those staccato tart tones]. I twitter. [I’m a twit.] It’s like weird. I don’t completely understand econ; I keep reading, I just don’t understand it… I only write what I know about.” [Which is why she writes so much about so little.]

Hurry up, Ann Coulter, and put us out of our misery; finish MM off already.

7 thoughts on “Updated: Poster Woman For The Dumbest ‘Republican’

  1. Van Wijk

    “This creature calls herself a writer.” This is classic.

    Meghan McCain is a breath of fresh air for those who want to see the Republican Party destroyed (I’m not quite there yet). She admires Jindal and probably takes after her father (and Jorge) in worship of the 3rd-world Other as “the future of the Party.”

    Maybe she and Bristol can become a Republican power ticket someday.

  2. Myron Pauli

    It also seems that Meghan’s FAVORITE part of her dad and the Republican Party is their warmongering – which pretty much puts her in the “utterly without redeeming social value” category. We saw previous ditzes a generation ago with Patti Davis Reagan. Hell, then there’s Dubya himself as the Presidential child-idiot sui generis. And Beau Biden is going to be the next Senator from Delaware to duke it out with Lisa Murkowski, Rockefeller IV, and the other famous bratpack tykes. Might as well ad Jonathan Krohn, a real live kiddie (but one who rose on his own “merit”) to the mix. Will Malia or Sasha Obama be President someday? It’s been a long steady decline since John Quincy Adams.

  3. Blode0322

    Yeah, she should prove her bona fides the same way Frum did in the other big “I’m a moderate so I attack radio/TV politicos and say they represent conservatives” piece (the one in Newsweek):

    By talking about how she supported her open-borders multicult father, and the invasion of Iraq.

    World turned upside down.

  4. Bob Schaefer

    You know what’s, like, really scary? She GRADUATED from Columbia University. (Like, Keith is so totally eating his heart out!)

  5. Barbara Grant

    There is something very wrong with the manner in which both Meghan and Maddow use the word, “conservative.” Neither has defined it. It can mean anything from a “social conservative” (many of whom work tirelessly for government intervention on the issues they consider most dear) to a Barry Goldwater-like libertarian. Unless or until there is agreement on what that term means, a discussion such as that between Meghan and Maddow makes no sense. However, I am still interested in hearing “one-trick” Coulter’s response to McCain the Younger.

  6. Chip

    She seems remarkably unaware that it was precisely this “moderation” that caused her Dad to get his ass handed to him by someone who is arguably the least qualified candidate to ever run in a general presidential election, in this country. Second generation stupidity appears even worse the the first generation. God helps us.

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