POTUS In Poland And The Neoconservative Threat

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The president began his address to the Polish with praise for his wife, long-overdue: “… no better ambassador for our country than our beautiful First Lady, Melania.”

Of concern is that President Trump’s powerful address to the People of Poland, on July 6, 2017, has become a repository for neoconservative fantasies of world domination.

What President Trump said is hardly a Rorschach blot: fuzzy, hazy verbal vapor, designed to absorb the listener’s projected emotions and reflect them back soothingly. The neoconservatives, however, are back. And the Never-Trumpsters have stepped into their former positions in media.

Chucky Krauthammer rides again.

The Poles Like Gen. Lee’s Battle Flag:

READ: Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland | July 6, 2017.

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