Update 3: Rev. Wright’s River Of Racism Will Run Through Washington

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What can I add belatedly to the debate over Obama’s spiritual adviser, other than that he sounds like Chris Rock, and is probably overcompensating for not looking like Kunta Kinte? (Say you haven’t missed me.)

Much-missed Mercerisms aside, what Boobus Americanus cheering for Obama needs to take away from Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s words is not this or the other political message. Some of his statements have a core of truth; others are purely phantasmagoric.

What’s crucial here is the tenor of the message uttered by Obama’s mentor—it bespeaks a vile, vociferous, overwhelming hatred of whites.

Rev. Wright’s river of racism runs deep in America and manifests in, for example, violent crime against pale faces, as well as in an ideology that has slowly permeated all cultural products and institutions.

And it has now arrived at the White House.

The Obama presidency will bring this dark force to the White House—and don’t mistake me for claiming said abode has not been infested by the most demonic of forces. It has. Courtesy of the Clintons, the illiterate “poet” Maya Angelou—about whose oeuvre the Times Literary Supplement often has a hearty, cleverly-disguised laugh—became a national name. And worse, of course: Manufactured wars. Lies. Destruction of lives here and abroad.

However, with “Militant Mama Obama” prodding the president, whites will be the only group filled with more hate for Honky than are Michelle, her minister, and his many followers across hijacked American institutions.

I don’t mean whites of the liberal left variety pushing Obama. They love themselves, but do not consider that they are anything but a colorless, divine manifestation of justice on earth. I mean ordinary, self-effacing, brow-beaten, timid whites, who lose jobs daily to anointed “minorities,” and who’ve ceded historical truth to the minority’s “history from below.”

With Mama Obama prodding the president, history from below will blanket America. About the replacement of “the impartial, non-ideological study of American history and its heroic figures with ‘history from below,’” I wrote the following:

“This post-modern tradition regularly produces works the topics of which include, ‘Quilting Midwives during the Revolution.’ Or, ‘Hermaphrodites and the Clitoris in Early America.’ It seeks to obliterate memory of the “predominantly British Christian origins of the people who established the political order described by Thomas Jefferson as ‘a composition of the freest principles of the English constitution, … derived from natural right and natural reason.’”

The establishment’s holy men are down with these humbugs. The corrupt media, as part of what I’ve dubbed the media-military-industrial-congressional complex, will proceed to propagate these perversions high-and-low.

Remember, when the Wright scandal percolated with great difficulty into cable’s quarters, that grizzled “newswoman” Anderson Cooper responded thus: “How do we make this go away?” Those were his words.

However, Rev. Wright’s wrongs are what the inimitable Diana West has dubbed an existential issue for Obama.

And for America.

Updated 1 (March 17): The chronically incurious media has fallen silent on investigating what may be the philosophical underpinnings of Obama—and certainly Mrs. Obama.

The impoverished argument according to which an anti-war candidate is being smeared has popped up here and there. This is in itself a smear—instead of investigating Obama’s worldview, those inquiring into this murky miasma are being discredited. Answer the questions; don’t cover them up!

It is not about what Rev. Wright said on this or the other date, and whether Obama was in the pews at the time; it’s about what he stands for with all his being, and whether the man he mentored holds the same despicable worldview about whites.

We are told by Time that Obama plans a major speech on race. He has indeed been very astute in subtly and genteelly ensuring any questions about His Illusiveness are framed as a racist. It appears Obama also plans to “explain” the black church. Read sanitize.

The pan-Africanism associated with Black Liberation Thinking has a proud tradition of fabrication—it invented an Afrocentric “Safari Scholarship” to finesse unpleasant historical realities:

“Afrocentric books such as Black Athena by Cornell’s Martin Bernal, Stolen Legacy by George G. M. James, and the school tracts known as the “Portland African-American Baseline Essays” [adopted in some American schools]…[claim] no less that thousands of years ago Egyptians-cum-blacks ‘flew in electroplated gold gliders, knew accurately the distance to the sun, and discovered the Theory of Evolution.’ According to Cheikh Anta Diop, a Senegalese Afrocentrist, Africans invented everything from Judaism, to engineering, to astronomy, including dialectical materialism (although Marxism is no cause for inventor’s pride.)”

In the same essay I posed “one nagging question”:

“Afrocentrics claim that practically every reprehensible occurrence in history is the doing of the Great White and his linear thinking. Why, if Eurocentric culture is so horrible, would they want to lay claim to it? By coveting it, aren’t Afrocentrists providing the ultimate validation of Western Civilization?”

Obama is certainly a product of Western culture. Outrageous as it may seem to some, I’d like to know if he holds it and its originators in contempt.

Update 2: “Senator Obama is proud of his pastor and his church, but because of the type of attention it was receiving on blogs and conservative talk shows, he decided to avoid having statements and beliefs being used out of context and forcing the entire church to defend itself.” This, from a press release courtesy of the Obama camp a year ago, when the senator was about to announce his candidacy. Back then, Obama intended to begin the event with a public invocation by Rev. Wright.

Where’s the pride now?

Update 3: The focus of most “analysis” vis-à-vis Obama and his preacher has revolved around whether the candidate has been sufficiently politic and strategic about his association with the repulsive Rev. Wright. He should have distanced himself from the man sooner goes this impoverished “argument.”

The tack tackles the patina of politics. Is Obama a sufficiently slimy operator to have slithered efficiently from under a tricky situation? Suppose he had come out swinging against Wright. That would not have obviated the only issue at hand here: does Obama too feel the filthy feelings Wright so obviously feels about white Americans; is Obama as rank a racist as Wright is.

There is no question that Obama has a deep bond with Wright; there is no question as to his loyalty to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The question as I posed it in this post is this: why has Obama been spiritually enmeshed in a church which holds such an unchristian, unevolved, hatful philosophy. Could it be that Obama doesn’t think Wright’s worldview is that hateful?

21 thoughts on “Update 3: Rev. Wright’s River Of Racism Will Run Through Washington

  1. Paul Raetz

    Trinity UCC claims to be the church of the “African Diaspora” and its racism is venomous. If they hate America so much why don’t they simply go back to Africa? Although they were sold into slavery by their own tribal chiefs, we’re truly, truly sorry we bought them here. We should have been man enough to pick our own cotton.

    However, nothing that I know of is keeping them here so why don’t they just pack up and return to “mother Africa” where they could have such a wonderful life with the likes of Mugabe et. al. shepherding them. Also, with the education and know-how they’d bring with them, I’m sure they could help their abused and starving brethren immeasurably and in so doing, demonstrate to the world the awesome power of Christ’s love.

  2. Jim Butler

    I watched Hannity and Colmes Friday evening as they covered Obama’s pastor and his rantings for the full hour. Hannity was his usual self on a mission to destroy Obama, even calling for him to resign as unqualified for his association with pastor Wright. In what was perhaps the most telling comment of the show was Melanie Morgan, a conservative talk radio host from San Francisco who observed that she covered this association of Obama and this “spiritual advisor” over a year and a half ago. She wondered who in the media decided now was the time to make it a major story? Someone has said that “nothing in politics happens by accident.” Is this Fox New Corporation’s beginning salvo in an attempt to derail Obama and hand the nomination to Hillary? It sure looked like it to me. I agree with Ilana that Obama certainly is not for America and neither is Hillary–or McCain for that matter!

  3. Christopher Link

    Count me as one of those who certainly did miss you. It’s great to have you clashing magnificently again!

    Rev. Wright doesn’t just hate white people – he also hates (God damn) America. Obama suggests we should think of his pastor as we would an uncle who occasionally puts his foot in his mouth, but that won’t wash because you don’t choose your uncle. He chose this pastor, and he’s been going to see him for 20 years. Yet we’re to believe he had ‘no idea’ the Rev. felt this way about issue after issue.

    What does this say about Obama’s judgment, not to mention his honesty?

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds to me like rhetoric from South Africa. Thabo Mbeki is missing a good opportunity. He should move to Chicago, join Rev.Wrights church and become a Democrat. He’d be set for life.

  5. Anonymous

    I may be brow-beaten but I am neither self effacing nor timid. Most of my peer group are the same. The young ones, however, are a different story. They are over-educated and under “manly“. That’s why the obvious race baiters can pose and lie with impunity.

  6. Myron Pauli

    1. Good to have you back.

    2. One wonders why Ron Paul gets held to account for whatever Archie Bunker wannabe or 9/11-truther supports HIM {including some anti-Israeli obsessed paleos}but others seem to not be smeared with their own crackpots:
    — Hillary’s militant feminists & Geraldine Ferraro, for example
    — Reverend Wright, the Messiah Barack’s messiah
    – Pastor John Hagee, who endorsed McCain in front of McCain, and who considers the Roman Catholic Church as the Satanic Anti-Christ.

    3. Amazing that after 8 years of colossal ineptitude, Warmonger McCain
    may actually prevail over Corrupt Desparado Billary Rodham Nixon and
    Messiah Barack Hussein Obama.

    4. Well, we won’t have a Draft Eliot Sptizer movement!!

    5. Thinking about the sorry state of the American (modern Weimar Inflationist) Republic reminds me of a comment that H. L. Mencken said about Grover Cleveland that “courage of convictions is (nowadays) a luxury confined to the more comical runners-up at political conventions” {I need to look up the exact wording}

  7. Joe Allen

    Wonderful to have you back online, Ilana. Coulter and Malkin are poor substitutes.

  8. Martin Berrow

    One can speculate whether or not Jeremiah Wright’s views just surfaced because of a strategic political move. It is irrelevant. Many folks knew long ago that Jeremiah Wright and his caustic speech was the way he was many years back. Many folks knew that Barak and Michelle Obama were the same way as well. Perhaps even worse was the sneaky, slimy, behavior that the Obamas exhibited by their relentless mantra of “CHANGE”. The problem is, the Obamas have always been just like their mentor Jeremiah Wright. So the mantra of “change”, never happened. Now Barak Obama will attempt to stop the bleeding. He will say his wife and he are not racists. He will say he is sorry about all of this. The truth is, the only thing he really is sorry about is the fact that he got exposed. That is always the way false repentance works.. sorry that you got caught vs. genuine heart-felt remorse. Such is the case here before us.
    Martin Berrow

  9. Anonymous

    All of you weak kneed whiteys better start working on your supply of intestinal fortitude. This all out assault on whites is no accident. To have complete government control of the population the whites must be controlled–they are those who create wealth, for the most. Make no mistake. Complete government control of us is the goal and they are doing a pretty job of realizing it. The other races will go along with anything that smacks of government taking from the wealthy (mostly white) and giving to the less wealthy (mostly African and Latino). Whites are far more prone to stand up for individualism and true liberty. That is those whites that aren’t brainwashed and beat down by our culture.
    I am no klansman and I do not hate blacks or other non-whites. I have black in-laws and 2 black grand children. This isn’t a hate black message. It is, however, a hate white message from the not-so-new spokespersons of our culture.

  10. sshaun

    “3. Amazing that after 8 years of colossal ineptitude, Warmonger McCain
    may actually prevail over Corrupt Desparado Billary Rodham Nixon and
    Messiah Barack Hussein Obama.”

    An acquintance of mine, who is a 55+ year old white man, told me months ago that the moment Edwards dropped out of the race, that the Democrats had lost this election. I asked him why, and he told me that a woman or a Black man (who he insists needed more experience before running) won’t beat the Republican nominee. I asked him why. He responded, “what country do you think you’re living in?”

    I haven’t committed myself to the man’s judgement, but the scandals and gender and racial divisions in the Democratic party are on the rise. Who knows, the old man may have imparted wisdom to me months ago.

  11. Roger Chaillet

    What’s the line attributed to Pat Buchanan, though in reality not his words?

    “The Democratic Party is a collection of warring tribes united for common plunder.”

    Most definitely there is a war going on.

    I’m a native of Washington, D.C. This stuff has been going on there for many, many years. A good example is Marion Barry. Parochial folks from the rest of the country cannot fathom how someone like Barry could ever get elected. It’s simple: The natives voted for him because he wasn’t a stooge of The Man. The locals ate it up, crack whore and all, because they’re victims.

    D.C., quite possibly one of the world’s loveliest enclaves – thanks to a hated Frenchman known as L’Enfant – is now a dystopia. By almost any measure it would qualify for a place in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Now imagine what Obama and the Mrs. could do on a national scale.

    Makes one want to self-exile.

  12. noobama

    I’m glad this is finally getting the coverage it deserves. Obama has serious identity issues. The last thing this country needs is the projection of his own inner demons on the rest of us. As a generic white guy I’m getting tired of being blamed for all the problems in the world. Tell you what Ilana, how about we ship out Rev. Wright and his congregation to South Africa so they can live the African dream. In exchange we’ll take a proportionate number of White South Africans back here. Sounds fair to me and perhaps Rev. Wright can turn that place around and show us white American devils how its done.

  13. Mark

    What a choice we’ll have this November! I think I’ll abstain from voting and hope that Obama wins, despite his many failings, because John Mc Crazy and his neocon band seem to be much worse overall.

  14. Danie

    Having a bit more of an objective view, watching the campaign from limited newsfeeds in South Africa, I was wondering what exactly the American public saw in this Obama.

    It’s sad to see the worlds superpower come to a slow and agonising death with the likes of bush and now who knows another Clinton or even Obama ?

    Since when does the minority rule the roost ? Didn’t anyone learn anything from South Africa….

  15. sshaun

    Wright is an ex-Marine. How many of you can say the same? He’s as American they come, and his ancestors have in all likelihood been on American soil longer than everybody posting on BAB.

  16. cottonmouth

    To Danie: Nobody in the US has learned from the mess in South Africa because hardly anybody in the US knows anything about it.

  17. Douglas

    I surely don’t agree with everything Mr. Wright says. But surely numerous evils have been visited upon African Americans by the (mostly) white ruling class. Everything from slavery and Jim Crow to the infamous Tuskegee experiment. Why shouldn’t Mr. Wright be a bit angry? Blanket hatred of whites is not justified, but there is nothing wrong with hatred of our evil government.

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