Reverend Wright Revolts Once Again

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CNN televised Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s address to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This lunatic’s delivery left the limited Rick Sanchez, front man for CNN, gasping. But then, his colleagues, chiefly Soledad O’Brian, whom Wright endorsed during his rant, put him at ease. Wright’s sermon was light, fun, humorous, designed to show the totality of this much-maligned preacher. She and colleague Roland Martin were dressed in Homer Simpson-type mumus or caftans for the solemn occasion. Fix News’ retards—Geraldo Rivera and his “analytical entourage”—echoed Soledad’s solidarity with Wright.

Having listened to Wright’s insane sermon, I can only marvel at mainstream media’s ability to shed darkness on whatever topic they tackle—an ability that comes with a great deal of God-given stupidity.

Other than stark raving mad, Wright’s delivery was dripping with bile. He is a cynical, smug, sardonic so-and-so. Love? Compassion? His is the strident voice of racial grievance. And envy. The man is green with envy. His sheer envy of “European” achievements is palpable. Why else would he devote an entire hour to listing “European” achievements, deriding them, and then defining an inability to emulate these achievements as nothing but difference? Wright also latched on to fashionable brain bifurcation balderdash—he puts great stock in right brain/left brain discredited pop pedagogy—to explain black dereliction and drop-out rates. (So does Mike Huckabee)

The entire sermon was dominated by collectivist racial theorizing:

Black children learn a certain way, speak a special way and think in ways different to whites, said Wright. African music is different from European music, and here the holy man emitted a caterwauling which was supposed to come off as a cantata. The emulation was derisive, mocking. To contrast the so-called pomposity of the cantata, the MF launched into Brother musical mode, jovial and jolly. Black music was different, not deficient, to white music, said he. The one, he implied, was filled with Joie de vivre, the other just jejune.

Wright even attempted to distinguish typical white from black chords or timing. What a moron. Classical music— certainly Bach—showcases time signature fluctuations—the kind that require a high level of musicianship.

Again, undergirding this disturbing diatribe was the man’s contention that different is not deficient. And when it comes to evaluating cultural products, there is no such thing as objective standards. Naturally, it is in the interest of Wright to declare BB King as good as, only different from, Bach, because, well, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Mahler—they’re sublime. BB King is very small compared to these giants. For obvious reasons, Wright would like to encourage the Zeitgeist on the path it has embarked on in abolishing all objective standards by which learning, accomplishments, and cultural products are judged.

This Afrocentric racial “theorist” aims to instill racial pride in Africans by conjuring contempt for “European” culture. This has been his mission for decades—at least for the duration Barack Obama spent in the pews of Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama’s mind must be full of this empty incitement.

8 thoughts on “Reverend Wright Revolts Once Again

  1. CJ

    There certainly are objective standards for judging culture. For instance, cultures that condone honor killings are inferior to those that condemn them because of an objective, culturally independent moral standard that condemns such things.

    When it comes to art, (or your specific musical example) is there a similar standard that could be applied to compare BB King and Bach? Perhaps the chord structure, timing, et cetera? I don’t have the musical chops to compare them myself.

  2. Andrew T.

    All very true. I tuned in for a couple of minutes, though, and one way Wright sort of managed to impress me was in his knowledge of linguistics.

  3. Alexander Sazonov

    It is absolutely unbelievable that an anti-white and anti-Semite like Barack Hussein Obama is taken seriously as a candidate for the presidency.
    I mean, this is a guy who attended Louis Farrakhan’s notorious “Million Man March” in October 1995, where mobs of fanatical blacks literally were calling for the physical extermination of all whites and Jews. He is also close to Jessie Jackson, who once said that he used to spit in white people’s food and called Zionism a “poisonous weed”.

    Can you imagine the reaction from the media if a white guy, who attended mass rallies of the Ku Klux Klan and refused to unequivocally condemn what the Klan stands for, then decided to run for president?

    Yet, since we are dealing with the “Klan with a tan”, everything is permissible.
    And of course, it should come as no surprise that Obama, just like Jackson, Sharpton, and David Duke is supported by almost all American blacks.
    And they have the nerve to call white people racist? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    As far as black “music” is concerned, the fact that most white and Asian kids are listening to this garbage and adopting the so called “hip-hop culture” makes my stomach turn.
    Ahh, what a situation! The Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves.

  4. Alexander Sazonov

    By the way I forgot to mention, the NAACP really stands for the “National Association for the Annihilation of Caucasian People”.

  5. Dan L

    We’ll see whether anyone in the Rock Hall of Fame stands the test of time compared with Beethoven, Bach, etc., (though I’m not fond of Mahler). My hunch is they won’t.

  6. Gumdrops

    Wright is off the mark when using “pop pedagogy—to explain black dereliction and drop-out rates”. The type of music one enjoys and the dialect of English one speaks does not explain these problems. Good parenting and proper priorities does more to explain it.

    I didn’t find his delivery and gesticulations to be condescending or mocking. This expressive style is common in Black churches.

  7. John Danforth

    I can’t watch sermons like that, so thank you for suffering through that on our behalf, Ilana.

    Surprise, surprise. It comes down to an exposition on, “It’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand”.

  8. Jennifer

    I’ve been waiting for this: someone to fearlessly and thoroughly debunk this pompous jackass. Ilana, thank you! Classically and wittily written.

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