Updated: Slavery’s YOUR Original Sin

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In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been all day after that disturbing speech Obama gave:

I’ve been writing an exclusive analysis of it for this site, Jewcy.com.

Well, we’ll see how fabulous Jewcy is once the essay is up. It sure doesn’t comport with other odes to Obama they’ve erected there already. What does cohere perfectly is Obama’s worldview, which revolves around slavery and race; and his wicked impious pastor’s philosophy. They are of a piece.

Not inelegantly, Obama revealed his true colors. Again, a profoundly disturbing address, despite the anti-intellectual adulation with which it is being greeted in all too many corners.

I hope to be able to link to my analysis shortly.

Update (March 19): On Jewcy.com “The Ethnic Particularism of Barack Obama By Ilana Mercer.” Details in this blog post.

4 thoughts on “Updated: Slavery’s YOUR Original Sin

  1. noobama

    I read the text. I could hardly stomach it. More of the same you’d expect from a professional victimologist: “It’s whitey’s fault.” “We (meaning non-blacks) should do more to fix things.” “Slavery, racism, slavery, racism and did I mention slavery and racism yet?” “I’m not running for me, I’m doing it for you! Yes, you racists bastards. That’s what you are if you don’t feel guilty and vote for me! I can heal your white guilt!”

    Seems like everyone gets the blame except the people who think enough hasn’t been done to help them. This despite the trillions of dollars in govt. programs and special handouts to try to make amends. I’m with the young generation and I’m tired of having diversity rammed down my throat. I didn’t own slaves, I didn’t participate in Jim Crow laws and I certainly am not part of The Man(tm). Yet these affirmative action laws are turned against me. They punish me when I work hard and reward those who don’t. Why do these PC do-gooders think that punishing people like me won’t result in a backlash and disrespect for people lapping up the handouts at my expense?

  2. Steve Hogan

    I await your analysis, because frankly, I cannot stomach watching this man. What’s worse, he may actually be the least abhorrent candidate remaining in the presidential field.

    One wonders if the average American voter actually wants an economic meltdown, because that’s what we’re facing. McCain, Clinton and Obama are clueless about what ails us or how to fix it. Power is all that matters to them.

    Brace yourselves.

  3. Leonard

    I give Obama some respect for gestures, if no substance, towards some real problems. (And when has Obama ever been substantial about anything?)

    It would have been nice if he came out and Sister Souljah’ed the entire diversity racket… but come on, that’s politically not possible. Obama knows who his voters are: blacks, poor whites, and well-off liberals. [Actually, poor whites are Hillary’s pepes; you have that wrong; Obama is an indulgence of the rich liberal left.–IM] To attack diversity is to attack all of these groups; it is to attack the fundamental purpose of the Democratic party. One purpose of both political parties is to channel as much of the tax flow as possible to their own supporters. Another is to allow people to feel morally superior to others.

    Obama did abjure “god damn America”, and fairly eloquently I think. But he cannot distance himself from ‘America is racist’, because that is the fundamental meme underlying the entire diversity business, and everyone knows it. To suggest that in general blacks fail on their own merits is unthinkable. It must be something outside them, and if not racism, the history of poverty and oppression, etc., what?

  4. Alex

    Wow, that site – Jewcy.com – how did you manage to find and decide to publish your work there? It is a horrible place. Feminists gushing over Obama’s speech, black Americans rallying around him, etc. The people on that site should probably be murdered. Just kidding. Uh, maybe.

    I started grumbling when I saw that the main comment on the left side of the page was a feminist grudlingly giving her vote to Obama, despite the fact that he is male. Only a feminist couldn’t see the sexism in this. It’s really not debateable. Imagine if a man had said the same about Hillary.

    What a disgusting site!

    [I was approached by Jewcy.com’s editor, who is clearly more open-minded than most–conservative editors included. Do you see me on Townhall? I’m a capitalist; I write for whomever will pay me. I like to reach new targets. Jewcy should be praised.–IM]

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