UPDATE II: SURFACE By Microsoft (Leaves The Idiot Pad In the Dust)

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At 15:14 into the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface tablet, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky says that Surface “provides the best WiFi reception of any tablet today.” The Surface’s dual Wi-Fi (“wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections”) antennae are the part My Contact in the bowels of the beast nailed.

Well done, genius.

Congratulations to all for bringing to market this “well-designed, very cool” product, over which industry experts are already gushing: It goes “toe to toe” with Apple’s iPad, says one, and even bests it (as “it runs as a full computer,” and sports a physical keyboard), says another.

Although I’ve been kept in the dark until now, I’m looking forward to receiving one of these as soon as possible. What piques my interest in that the Surface is a transportable PC, a facility the idiot Pad never offered. (I don’t need mindless entertainment; I want the ability to transport my work wherever I go, without the burdens imposed by a cumbersome laptop.)

UPDATE I (June 20): This is the stuff that makes one patriotic, right guys? American-coordinated ingenuity (with wise division of labor, naturally). Damn straight. (Wives are always kept in the dark … but, all I can say is that they deserve a medal. What a marathon effort The Surface has been.)

And, as someone who has never been tempted by the Idiot Pad: Yes, my instincts, on seeing what this thing accomplishes were very much, “This is a good fit for me.” And it has a keyboard and the easy ability to use a mouse with it, as opposed to the frenetic finger f-ck the traditional laptop requires.

UPDATE II (June 21): In this context, and on a personal note, the pressure of the effort above over months has had some unexpected consequences. (I heard it said that in the US there are two types of engineers: overworked or unemployed. A tough economy would indeed force increases in productivity: fewer and fewer workers are doing more and more of work.) The upshot: My husband has come down with pneumonia. I will be taking some time to look after him (and hoping to remain uninfected).

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9 thoughts on “UPDATE II: SURFACE By Microsoft (Leaves The Idiot Pad In the Dust)

  1. JP

    I’ve always pointed out two things to people who buy the iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab:

    1. If you’re just interested in playing mindless games on it, the Sony PSP is cheaper and has a superior user experience.
    2. A netbook (a mini-laptop) has an actual hard-drive, a physical keyboard, and often runs a full operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux, making them the superior platform for productivity (as well as “productivity”). Plus, they’re cheaper than your favourite tablet.

  2. JD

    This is an impressive device and far beyond the iPad in performance, design and utility. I was also awed by the intensity and sincerity of this team, especially after watching several Apple Keynotes. Any guy who can talk for ten minutes about a hinge has earned my business.

  3. james huggins

    If all consumers were like Ilana Mercer these clowns like Microsoft and Apple wouldn’t sell two dozen of these electronic gizmos. “Mindless entertainment” is the great common denominator in the irrational love of electronic devices. We can crank our brains into neutral and let the world go to hell while we are in some “don’t think” stupor.

  4. Robert Glisson

    That is interesting. I too could use a portable internet connected word processor and computer. Especially when riding a scooter to and fro. Will take a look when it hits town.

  5. Scherie

    This is awesome. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Since iPad came out, I’ve been hesitant in purchasing it. It just doesn’t impress me much. But Surface. I will wait a few months to buy this–to make sure they get the kinks out.

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