The Dynamics of Entrapment

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Singing from the same hymn-sheet, the Left and the Right did a little jig today: The brilliant FBI had gone and caught us one of dem Arab terrorists, looking to kill us because of our freedoms.

Or did it really?

Before you rejoice with the FBI and the unquestioning Candy Crowley (CNN) and Megyn Kelly (FoxNews), do read on. As I’ve already documented, “the FBI often entraps pliable dolts (to better serve their political masters). The seven Miami-based men who were accused of ‘concocting a plot to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower’ come to mind. They were illiterate and probably borderline retarded.”

Such Psyops (psychological operations) had ensnared the simpletons who were going to explode the Bronx synagogue, and the “terror ring” tembels who were convinced (by FBI) that shooting a Stinger missile at a fighter plane was in the cards for them.

If a “U.S. agents – running two separate, world-wide sting operations worthy of a James Bond movie – received thousands of dollars in down payments,” then, voila, we have a terror plot, never mind that the agents set the sting up; seeking out fools to entrap.

Most recently, the brilliant and brave FBI and DEA entrapped Mansour Arbabsiar and Ali Gholam Shakuri. I read the court complaint. It had “more twists than a serpent’s tail, but none led conclusively to Teheran, unless Teheran is code for ‘Surveillance State USA.'” “That indictment was the kind of cloak-and-dagger that belongs in an episode of ‘The Unit,’ not in the courts of a civilized country.”

What amazes me repeatedly about American journos is that not one—giggly-girl, “keeping-them-honest” Anderson Cooper; are you listening?—has probed the legality of setting swarthy simpletons up and then nabbing them in a so-called terrorism sting.

You just know that each of these FBI targets is a low-IQ, poor sod, ripe for the taking, who happens to be too stupid to even know that this is how the FBI rolls. You can be sure that “legit” terrorists would never be ensnared this way.

“The federal criminal complaint against the” latest “suspect identifies him as Amine El Khalifi, a 29-year-old Moroccan citizen who has been living in the United States illegally since 1999 after his visa expired. He was nabbed following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he allegedly expressed interest in conducting an attack.” (FoxNews)

It would be cheaper for the taxpayer, who’d be spared paying for the FBI’s sadistic games, to deport illegal aliens than set them up.

6 thoughts on “The Dynamics of Entrapment

  1. My RON-PAUL i

    I forget which of these low IQ “Abduls” involved the Stinger missile scam but it was clearly an FBI orchestrated Kabuki theater.

  2. George Pal

    It is odd – or is it? ‘odd’ having lost all its powers of discrimination – the FBI may profile but the TSA not. We will not have made America safe for diversity until Mueller’s G-men have entrapped a Nun with a habit or nana in Depends.

  3. Nebojsa Malic

    Isn’t it interesting that every “terrorist arrest” turns out to be a FBI entrapment op, while actual terrorists – the Beltway Snipers, Major Hassan, Sulejman Talovic, Arid Uka, etc. – are declared lone lunatics whose motive could not have possibly been jihad and shall forever remain a mystery?

  4. Daniel

    It would be cheaper for the taxpayer, who’d be spared paying for the FBI’s sadistic games, to deport illegal aliens than set them up.

    My thoughts exactly. Notice that someone like Major Nidal Hasan is protected in the name of the god Diversity, while this mentally challenged Moroccan illegal alien is strung along by the FBI and presented as the second coming of bin Laden.

  5. james huggins

    The FBI was once the most respected group in our culture but their feet of clay have long been apparent. Ruby Ridge, Richard Jewell, Waco and a hundred other instances have betrayed the FBI as the political hacks they really are.

  6. Westie

    It’s amusing how these G-Man set ups of Islamic retards are all so blazingly quickly eye-deed as Al Q….that’s the tip off. I wonder if these nabs are just the initiation rights for the Intern FBEyes? The WOT meme must be fading as they seem to be increasing the number of their little scams.

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