Updated: The Hue of Hatred II



The face of hate:

The object of hate:

The details of the crime indicate, very plainly, that the murderer wanted to obliterate his victim, make her exist no longer.

Update (Dec. 2): Actually, to correct the comment hereunder, I’ve documented quite clearly, as have others well before me, that violent crime in the US and South Africa is monopolized by blacks. The intention of the title was to point to the near-complete unidirectionality of violent crime: black on white. Both in my new and former homelands.

Were Americans not so brainwashed about hate crimes originating exclusively with Europeans, they might stop to think about who’s killing whom. (Here’s “The Hue Of Hatred I”.) Perhaps they’ll even quit packing their kids off to Africa, and other high-crime localities, for an enriching experience; but that’s a bit much to ask of the reckless locals.

As I pointed out once, “Dangling a noose—an impolite and impolitic form of expression—is a hate crime; a black man beating a white man to a pulp—not so much. Being maimed or murdered, evidently, doesn’t compare to being maligned.” Americans have difficulties “differentiating a felony from an affront to feelings.”

As to a cop kicking an offender who happens to be black: the forgone conclusion is always that racism is at play. I’ve protested police brutality in many a column (the last being “Don’t Tase Me, Big Bro“). But the fact is that blacks are disproportionately represented among the criminal class. (To stay alive, and in business, cabbies act on this information daily.)

A policeman aggressing against an offender might amount to an excessive use of force, but why join the racial terrorists (the ones that went after Imus) by shouting racism?

5 thoughts on “Updated: The Hue of Hatred II

  1. gunjam

    Ms. Mercer: Fascinating: Your post is the first (and I have seen/heard more than a few) that told me plainly that the killer was black. Fascinating, because, when the media publicize white-on-black crime (which is just as evil), they tend to develop a standard introductory phrase — such as “four white LAPD officers were filmed brutally beating black motorist Rodney King” — that (after constant repetition) drills into the brains of listeners the meme of white hatred for minorities. The fact is that hate comes in all colors. In fact, carotin-content is really of secondary importance in comparison to what you so ably term, “the hue of hatred.”

  2. Pam Maltzman

    The area where we currently live is mixed (white, black, and Hispanic). Over the five-plus years we’ve been in our current town, I’ve had a couple of run-ins here with “minorities” which make me think that it’s open season on whites.

    I like individual people, regardless of their skin color… however, I would think twice about moving to an area where white people were in the minority. There is a big difference (and an unbridgeable one) between a man like Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams and a ghetto boy.

    You better believe that we’re taking demographics into account when we select the town we’re moving to when we finally escape this place.

  3. JP Strauss

    I hope things don’t progress for you as Americans as far as it has for us down here in the “toilet of Africa” as some refer to South Africa: erecting access control measures such as a boom gate and fence around a block of houses is considered “racist” because it hinders non-residents from roaming around freely.

  4. Myron Pauli

    This was recommended by Thomas di Lorenzo on hate crimes:


    Also from Baltimore, a white woman repeatedly smashed her face into the poor fists of 9 innocent people of color (in physics, one must denote the frame of reference!) :


    Naturally, there is outrage over this
    persecution of the victims of white racism (the lead prosecutor was Jewish) and the suspension of “bus priveleges”:


  5. Alex

    This subject is more interesting to me than anything recently.

    In our poly science class, our professor has attributed the high incarceration rate of blacks for violent crimes because of racism. I agree – most black people who beat and kill whites probably don’t like white people.

    It is wierd to think that such a small minority is overwhelmingly represented in violent crime because of racism. What an absurd thing to think.

    What is more funny is how some people view statistics in regards to this type of violence. Instead of viewing the statistics as being incorrect – taken out of context, or miscalculated – these stats are viewed as being racist.

    Even mathematics and semantical knowledge, apparently, cannot find a way to look past a man’s skin. For shame.

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