The ‘Newspeak’ Of Immigration



The phrase “our immigration system is broken” is statist semantics, “Newspeaks”; a linguistic trick to lead Americans to believe urgent action is required. Greg Gutfeld, the only intelligent, amusing neoconservative on Fox News’ “The Five,” is correct about “broken” being a euphemism for refusing to enforce immigration laws.

Among the multiplying procession of vacuous panelists plonked together on these God-awful, dual-perspective chat forums–Gutfeld stands out as, if not a great thinker, then certainly a comedic genius. And, as the great late Joan Rivers said, making someone laugh is like giving them a holiday.

In any event, so long as the TV viewer knows he is being entertained and not edified by most cable and nitwork current-affairs shows—he should be OK. For such an awareness, one presumes, will lead the viewer to seek in-depth information and analysis, rather than confuse mind-numbing banalities tumbling from the mouths of botoxed babes with big hair and an overbite for words of wisdom.