The Pence Omen: Pro Wars, Pro Islam, Not-So-Pro-Private Property

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I hope I’m wrong. But I have a feeling “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” may have documented and deconstructed the heyday of The Donald.

Letting dynamo Corey Lewandowski go was the first mistake. Hiring Gov. Mike Pence the next. I’m with my good friend Clyde Wilson, when he expressed trepidation about the Pence omen:

I am not alone in fearing that he has now betrayed himself, his cause, and his country by giving in to his discredited Establishment enemies. It is not at all clear that Pence adds any strength to the ticket or to a future administration. He could well prove a bleeding ulcer to Trump. His selection confuses a clear and winning message. Trump should have, if true to himself, chosen a new man—someone young and dynamic and dedicated to destroying Establishment power and obfuscation.

Pence disavowed the Muslim ban. Donald went with the Pence announcement on the eve of Nice (pronounced with French affectation). Nice! (As in the English word used here cynically.) I hope it turns out, but I don’t think there will be recompense for Pence.

Last I wrote about Pence, it was to urge, “Get off your knees, Gov. Pence! (you’re not in a gay bathhouse).” What had Pence done? He failed to “muster a coherent defense of the bedrock of a free republic—and of civilization itself: the rights of private property and freedom of association.” Pence did not vigorously defend the rights of private property to refuse to serve, in this case, I think it was the gay cake Gestapo.

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