The Truth About Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Debate Quip

Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton


“What a nasty woman”: That was Donald Trump interspersing a Hillary Clinton harangue with a quip, at the conclusion of the third presidential debate in Las Vegas.

The Crooked Media ran with it. There was Trump again, they ranted, being mean to a woman. Never did the media mention that Trump was retaliating to one of Clinton’s nasty little digs.

Clinton: Well, Chris, I am record as saying we need to put more money into Social Security Trust fund. That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My Social Security payroll contribution will go up as will Donald’s assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is —

Trump: Such a nasty woman.

The fact that Trump defends himself against Hillary’s underhanded, bitchy digs is a good thing. Even more pathetic than the same media’s onslaught against his reputation was the specter of Mitt Romney beaming beatifically at his enemies. The Republican base wanted to see Romney hit back, not prostrate himself to the media.