Tom Woods Nullifies Generic Zombie Journo

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Mock-interviewing the peerless Thomas Woods is Zombie, who looks remarkably like our good friend economist Bob Murphy. Your generic Journo’s journalistic stock-in-trade: “NEO-CONFEDERATE. SLAVERY. RACISM. HITLER.” And when these “substitutes for an argument” run into the brick wall of argument, we start again.

4 thoughts on “Tom Woods Nullifies Generic Zombie Journo

  1. Gringo Malo

    I’ve added Dr. Woods’ book to my Amazon wish list, although I really should be reading more about producing my own food and spending every spare penny to augment my stockpile of ammo and Chef Boyardee Ravioli. I’m afraid that any meaningful resistance to federal tyranny requires a Night of the Living Dead approach to the zombies.

  2. Gringo Malo

    James, I don’t think that there’s anyting wrong with neoconfederates, but most people have imbibed the leftist propaganda about the War of Northern Agression. The leftist view is that the Yankees were noble crusaders against slavery rather than an ignoble bullies motivated by economics. Naturally, people so indoctrinated believe that neoconfederates want to reinstitute slavery, and will hear nothing to the contrary.

  3. james huggins

    Gringo, well said. You’re absolutely correct. I do not advocate reinstituting slavery. Can you imagine how much you’d have to feed one for the minimum amount of work you would get? Or am I thinking of government workers?

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