VD on the V Factor

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My colleague Vox Day has this to say about “the Silly Sex

“…This reminds me of my favorite game with female writers. From the time their first column appears, count the number of columns they write before mentioning their children, (if they have one), their husband/boyfriend, (if they have one), or their cat (if they lack the aforementioned accoutrements, they’ll DEFINITELY have one).

The Over/Under is usually around four. A woman who can resist referencing her personal life for more than ten columns will often turn to be very good, while you know it’s going to be a short and ugly run when she’s working in references to her ‘life-partner’ with whom she shares Moggsy and Mr. Tiddles, in the very first one.”

Another signal to head for the hills is the double-barreled surname; that’s usually a give-away: you don’t want to read the stuff penned by a woman by the name of, say, Pamela Kester-Shelton.