Did The Tripoli Pirates Pirate The Authentic Islam, Mr. Kilmeade?

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Brian Kilmeade, a Fox News Channel personality—with all the non-cerebral baggage that phrase carries—has written a book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History. In it, to judge by a recent Factor interview he gave this last week, Kilmeade pretty much co-opts Jefferson as a neocon fighting 21st century America’s War On Terror.

Yes, Kilmeade gave an in-house interview recently to a Bill O’Reilly replacement. (Good luck finding transcripts or even a video clip in the age of the no-information, no-organization, big-picture, icon-oriented website.)

Kilmeade’s silliest utterance during that Factor interview was to say that the Muslim Tripoli Pirates had been practicing Islam in the way IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE PRACTICED.

My question is this: Did the Tripoli Pirates pirate The Authentic Islam, Mr. Kilmeade? If so, when in the course of its bloody history and borders does The Authentic Islam kick in?